Tuesday , March 28 2023

Mesut Ozil learner x & # 39; happens if he can not get on board with the new way & # 39; Arsenal


IMesut Ozil can not manage in the 'physicality and intensity "of & # 39; trip to Bournemouth, then how will fit against Tottenham Hotspur match only shattered the unexpected record & # 39; Chelsea? It was perhaps the most pressing question & # 39; encouraging weekend for Arsenal and Unai Emery, who controlled his German player, changed the shape of his team and roared in delight returned to winning form.

The victory & # 39; 2-1 on Sunday & # 39; Bournemouth was, again another & # 39;, & # 39; far from perfect. But, again another & # 39;, I felt another & # 39; ahead for Arsenal side that tilfetx mid-August. After three consecutive races in the Premier League, there have been earlier performance, more dynamic performance, against one of the most impressive sides.

And, not for the first time this season, was a positive result achieved without Ozil in the team. Instead, the German rests calmly on the bench, or even leaving to go on the touchline. When asked directly about the absence of & # 39; Ozil, who was caught behind Emery said his side b & # 39; anticipation & # 39; "Very challenging game with & # 39; sufficiency and intensity".

That wording felt damaged by & # 39; two ways. Firstly, because the indication that Emery was not considered as Ozil able to face the power of & # 39; Bournemouth. And secondly because it suggested that Emery believes Ozil does not add to the "physicality and intensity 'own Arsenal, who are two of the non-negotiable pillars of the philosophy of the new coach.

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