Wednesday , December 8 2021

Microsoft confirms that it will Adopting Chromium for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft has announced major changes to the default browser in Windows 10 today. Redmond confirms a report earlier this week that replacing the EdgeHTML browser engine & # 39; Chromium Microsoft Edge.

Chromium is the open source browser empowers to Google Chrome, as well as some other smaller browsers. The development of Chromium is mainly driven by Google engineers, as well as other open source contributors.

Over the next year, Microsoft plans to run & # 39; Edge & # 39; a platform "compatible Chromium" on Windows 10. The company plans to be a major contributor to the Chromium project, stating that engineers are already working on better support ARM. Planning also contribute to Chromium to improve browsers based on Chromium, including the Edge, to work better on Windows 10. Part hardware which includes the introduction of & # 39; improved support for touch and accessibility of the web.

The change to the Chromium will allow Microsoft to deliver frequent updates Edge on Windows 10, even on older versions of the OS, which is something that was not possible in the past. The company says that allowing Edge to get other versions of Windows, such as 7 and 8.1, and other platforms such as MacOS in the near future.

Redmond says that changes to Microsoft Edge will all be "under the hood" and users m & # 39; should see a major change in the browser itself. The company hopes that the change to the Chromium will help the web is much more & # 39; consistent experience for users and web developers. As developers m & # 39; still have to test their websites and web apps separately for EdgeHTML, the web will become less fragmented, allowing easier and more consistent testing experience for everyone.

Microsoft hopes to get preview preview of Microsoft's new Edge f & # 39; some time early in 2019. Still, the details for all this are quite scarce in & # 39; this moment, and x & # 39; likely because Microsoft was actually forced to reveal its plans to the public after a major leak early this week.

The change to the Chromium will certainly be a great one for Edge as browser. As EdgeHTML strengthen the web platform in & # 39; UWP applications as well, change can & # 39; is quite complicated. But if you, like me, raised stability & # 39; Edge in the past, it can & # 39; be a welcome change. Or not. It all depends on how Microsoft implements Chromium and both happen quickly.

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