Sunday , December 5 2021

Monday threats up 15 schools & # 39; Manitoba


The repeated threats established full division & # 39; school in & # 39; Manitoba, and forced nearly 4,000 students from 15 schools in the north & # 39; Winnipeg to continue on Monday.

The initial threat on internet message issued Sunday led by Division & # 39; the Lord Selkirk School to high school in one & # 39; Selkirk been closed.

But a few hours later, the division announced that the RCMP had arrested one person and the threat ended. recorded message sent to parents stated that the school was in fact open to Monday.

However, the second threat occurred on social media last night, resulting in & # 39; CRMP to set up two others, a total of & # 39; three.

This led to the division put a message on its website early Monday, stating that all schools will be closed "to ensure the safety of students and staff" while RCMP continue to investigate.

"When it comes to security, you just do not want to take any chances until we know all the information from the RCMP," said Michele Polinuk, superintendent for the division, to CBC News.

The schools include the division spread by City & # 39; Selkirk and communities & # 39; Lockport, St Andrews, Clandeboye, Petersfield and Libau for communities & # 39; Grand Marais and Victoria Beach.

Polinuk not know anything about the people who made the threats – whether they are current students or & # 39; ahead of the division.

More updates on the situation will be published on the website of the LSSD.

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