Saturday , December 4 2021

Motherlodes: My son has a brain tumor. Yes, I urged


"Hi Mom. I have a brain tumor."

There are many calls & # 39; & # 39 phone; parent dreads, and this is right up there. Christopher, 27, has been rid of pain & # 39; head to reach beyond the limits of & # 39; even migraines inherited me. MRI was scheduled, and when called the next day to tell him had again & # 39; back to another, started a small hammer of facing the heart.

Christopher has been going by it & # 39; late. He and Pammy, his long girlfriend, made this year for a lovely apartment in & # 39; Hamilton to yard to the lads – their two puppies. After his arm was destroyed in & # 39; work accident a few years back, work was sporadic. The branch was supposed to be improved; failed, and the trend & # 39; & # 39 any kind; request for assistance has proved elusive. Here's this big bear of & # 39; a kid who seems to have & # 39; another world, could barely & # 39; remove five pounds b & # 39; one lime.

About four & # 39; years ago, he was diagnosed with & # 39; & # 39 weird diseases; eyes; say they can & # 39; is genetic, but even I can & # 39; niddeskriviha, let let us tell where it comes from (keratoconus: ħaresha). He had surgery on the eye to stop the worst affected, but its vision has never been the same since.

The last day Friday received a call about the tumor, was staying in the office and said specialist would operate on the other eye. Hey, OHIP? Be really nice if cover. It is a progressive disease that weaken those suffering from sight. It is a disease that starts in youth: you know, when these people rarely have $ 3,000 per eye so they can see.

He worked for UPS, he worked as a driver on a set & # 39; movies, he was a bouncer in a strip club. Now his eyesight is so bad, just Pammy drives. He made work with & # 39; agreement on any computer sites, until the pain & # 39; head started getting worse. I thought it was a migraine, and ntużatlu to reduce the time & # 39; its screen, go ahead and shower and walk around the block, and all the other things that my mother would say. I had a mistake.

Son has a brain tumor. They are sure that it is benign, it made me wet right there in the doctor's office. It is also very rare (hey, Sommerfeld m & # 39; is nothing if not special) and issue. They will go head & # 39; boss b & # 39; powerful tools, for hours.

I'm terrified. I know he's 27, but he my son. If you have been reading this column, you have met when he was 12 years old. It's a gentle giant who started remove him when he was 13 years, calling me Little Mom. He likes walking two small dogs heart and of facing each weighing less than my cat. He worried about me when it resembles what has been for years. Pammy is concerned, that soldiers on, his narrow shoulders narrow belying its incredible power.

I feel guilty. What did I miss all those years? What did I ignore, what was missing, I knew I could? I feel guilty & # 39; option & # 39; unstable career. If iddejt the safe way, maybe I f we & # 39; best fit, more capable worry about surgeries not covered, while eternally grateful for those. Knowing if we live in the United States, we will be financially devastated. I know it.

I feel guilty that ninsistix in Sunday meals – every Saturday & # 39; Sunday – if I & # 39; I see his head when eaten. Leave your adult kids go; they create their lives and you are anxious and proud and you bite the tongue more often than you feel you admit.

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