Saturday , June 3 2023

NASA develop petroleum development in the Arctic Ocean


ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The federal agency that oversees the hiring of offshore petroleum to comments received on the Arctic Ocean drilling the source of & # 39; surprise – NASA.

The Energy Desk & # 39; Alaska reports that Energy Management Bureau of Ocean asked for comments by the administration & # 39; Trump considers lease sales in 2019 in the Sea & # 39; Beaufort.

Letter from the Nasa says that drilling & # 39; Beaufort Sea drilling can & # 39; affected by launches range from & # 39; & # 39 rockets only; high latitude.

The funds management space Poker Flat Research Range outside Fairbanks. The range & # 39; & # 39 rockets; High latitude for decades & # 39; years was operated by the University & # 39; Alaska Fairbanks.

"What we're known for doing research on the aurora", said the director & # 39; Poker Flat Kathe Rich.

Scientists launch rockets to go through the aurora sometimes sell large distances from the launch site.

"If you're looking for something that is & # 39; the very far north, will come in the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean, one or the other," said Rich.

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in & # 39; April sent a letter to the Office of Management of Ocean Energy estimated 70 rocket party emerged in the Beaufort Sea from the sixties.

NASA expressed concern that future oil and gas development in the Beaufort Sea can & # 39; resulting in the need to protect people and property during additional launches.

As scientists using rockets b & # 39; top performance today, most likely landing in Beaufort, according to NASA.

The chance that the rocket parts crashing on oil platforms is extremely unlikely, Rich said. Scientists do not think jnieduxhom if people or infrastructure are in danger. More likely is that most of the Baltic Sea activity can & # 39; & # limit of 39 opportunities; research, said Rich.

"The area we downrange, you & # 39; is kind of like a seam & # 39; & # 39 needle is, the various things we need to avoid," said Rich. "So every time you add something else in & # 39; that you & # 39; to avoid, it can & # 39; & # 39 results in, less chances & # 39; us launch."

Rich is optimistic that NASA and the Energy Management Office of Ocean to reach an agreement. The research is important because the aurora is a visual manifestation of & # 39; solar energy entering the atmosphere & # 39; over the world. That energy can & # 39; affects cellphone communications or electrical grid

Bureau spokesman John Callahan said via email that the agency will work with NASA to explore the best options.

"We are happy to welcome us to talk about safe operations in the Beaufort," said Callahan. "It's a good example of & # 39; & # 39 good lines, communication between federal agencies here."

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