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NDP, Torie react to the new Liberal candidate in & # 39; Burnaby b & # 39; secondary election

Richard Lee, who will be the replacement secondary election candidate for the Liberal Party in riding & # 39; South Burnaby, reacts to applause from supporters during a news conference in & # 39; Burnaby, BC, 19 a & # 39; January, 2019.

Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press

The federal Liberal aforementioned B.C. member legislature replaced the election of their candidate in the South & # 39; Burnaby where the head of the federal NDP Jagmeet Singh is trying to secure seats in Parliament.

Richard Lee, who represented a Burnaby North as a Liberal provincial for 16 years until lost in 2017, said Sunday he was appointed as a candidate party to vote of 25 & # 39; February following a call by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the last week.

"He said I'm a good candidate," said Mr. Lee, who had considered requesting the nomination went to Karen Wang before, but excluded the possibility because the trip causing it to lose the nomination deadline.

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Now Mr Lee says that his candidacy presents an opportunity to try to stay & # 39; serving the community that lived in it for 32 years. He said he was the only candidate to submit credentials to succeed Mrs. Wang, who stopped the last week on social media comments refer to the ethnic background of Mr. Singh.

Mr Lee said that Mr. Trudeau asked Wednesday, the day announcing the release of Ms. Wang. The next day, she looked a second chance, but not the party said.

The Toronto Star quoted Ms. Wang f & # 39; remarks made on social media platform WeChat Chinese language as notice to its supporters that it is "the only Chinese candidate" in the race to identify further while Mr. Singh as & # 39; "Indian descent." Then she said that those remarks were written by campaign volunteers and is not racist. "

Ms Wang talked about running as an independent. However, in & # 39; Sunday interview, she said she had second thoughts because it has three months pregnant and decided to focus on family commitments.

Mr. Lee asked for the comments of Ms. Wang inconsistent with the federal Liberal values ​​of equality and multiculturalism.

He said he respects Mr. Singh as NDPLeader, but looks forward to match the record of his own service to & # 39; & # 39 Burnaby with; that Mr Singh, who moved to the riding since he announced his candidacy. Mr Lee would also discuss how the economy grows best.

Mr Lee faces the challenge of trying to cope with Mr Singh and Jay Shin federal Conservatives, who were promoting campaign in the take-riding when the former MP NDP Kennedy Stewart quit to go to the mayor & # 39; Vancouver. "It will not be easy," he said.

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The first analyst programmer was elected for the first time in the liberal group the Liberal Party of the 2001 BC provincial seats except two. He served in & # 39; & # 39 roles, parliamentary secretaries and was also deputy speaker. Despite the name, the BC Liberals m & # 39; have no official link with the federal party. They, instead, a coalition of federal Liberals and federal Conservatives.

On Sunday, Mr Singh said he welcomed & # 39; Mr Lee for the race, but will pursue its strategy to highlight issues such as the challenge facing public to ensure adequate housing. "For me, the strategy does not change because the opponent change," he said.

In a statement, the communications director of the Conservatives said the Liberals faced off in the introduction of & # 39; candidate. "Now emerged from candidate & # 39; hoping reservation residents (f & # 39; South Burnaby) will forget how dealt with the voters for the first time. Meanwhile, in NDP, we have to deal with this -irkib as a political move to their leader, "said Cory Hann.

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