Friday , March 24 2023

Olivia Munn avoid the pilot was too nervous to speak to her


Pilot went cold feet when the so-called "free pass" to celebrate whose celebrity Olivia Munn arrived in flight was handling.

The pilot Adam J. Liston could not help but say to his wife X-Men: Apocalypse the actress was a passenger on his flight, and when it was encouraged to "get a picture with him," Liston missed the mark.

"Pic happen or rise [sic]"The woman & # 39; Liston said before Mandi added:" This is your moment rise [sic]. "

Liston then sent photo & # 39; himself looking incredibly dejected his wife, and told her he did not know x & # 39; should say the ex-quarterback girlfriend & # 39; Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers.

"Just say," Hey, my wife is a big fan ". B & # 39; this way tħaresx with & # 39; lol creep," Mandi respond before saying her husband to "Iktebha to see the cockpit . "

After Mandi posted the exchange of message & # 39; text with her husband on social media, Munn replied the father & # 39; two said everything that had to do was ask.

"I've taken the pic, but never asked," Munn told Liston. "Tell your husband I said thanks for going with us & # 39; security and Happy Thanksgiving."

This story originally appeared on Fox News and is published again here with permission.

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