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One person dead in northwest & # 39; Edmonton vehicle to investigate the fire, police and fire

One person is dead after vehicle fire on Road 164 north & # 39; 137 Avenue in & # 39; industrial area of ​​Northwest & # 39; Edmonton on Sunday, 20 & # 39; in January, 2019.

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One person is dead after fire & # 39; & # 39 in the vehicle; industrial area of ​​Northwest & # 39; Edmonton Sunday & # 39; evening.

The crews of emergency responded to multiple reports of vehicle fires in the 6: 30 pm at 164 north Street & # 39; 137 Avenue, said the head of the district & # 39; Edmonton Services of & # 39; Fire Rescue Todd Weiss.

Weiss said that fire crews found the vehicle parked on the roadside fully involved and worked to extinguish the flames. He said the only occupant died was found in the driver's side of the vehicle after a fire.

"Edmonton Fire Rescue would like to express our greatest sympathy to the family and friends of the victim," said Weiss.

Weiss said he could not confirm the identity of the victim.

The police investigators and fire can be seen working around car on the street side was still intact. Three other vehicles were in the police tape boundary of three groups that witnesses were being interviewed by police.

"We had several reports have been called in to dispatch," said Weiss. "There were a few people when I arrived on the scene who were giving statements to police & # 39; Edmonton."

The cause of fire could not be confirmed, but Weiss said that police officers and fire are still investigating. The police did not provide an update on the spot.

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