Wednesday , March 22 2023

Otter eating three other koi, avoiding the catch at the park & ​​# 39; Chinatown


And then there were four.

That's number & # 39; koi left in Chinese Classical Chinese Garden Dr. Sun Yat-Sen of & # 39; Vancouver after the elusive otter killed three decorative fish over the weekend, and exceeded the number of deaths of seven & # 39; up to ten.

"We are sad, but at the same time try to be hopeful", said Sunday Debbie Cheung, the spokesman garden.

There was a glimmer of & # 39; hope the day & # 39; before, when staff caught gardens and koi rrilokalizza one for the Vancouver Aquarium.

But the other three were difficult to catch, said Cheung. The staff wading in ponds raised bed & # 39; clay, mix water and informed koi.

Cheung said that the koi are showing signs of & # 39; stress and do not respond to gong normally used in water to jissejjaħhom food.

The koi one caught the & # 39; now been relocated to the aquarium & # 39; Vancouver for now. (Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden / Twitter)

The otter, which has traveled hundreds & # 39; m from the ocean, made the garden for over a week. Remains & # 39; on the loose, until now umanu evade traps set by removal expert & # 39; wildlife.

The plan is to send the otter to the Valley & # 39; Fraser, driving around & # 39; hours from Vancouver.

The garden will be closed until further notice. Further updates are expected Monday

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