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OtterBox reveals new event & # 39; Otter Pop + & # 39; for iPhone w / PopSocket can & # 39; building and built-in


OtterBox announced today at CES 2019 which is partnering with & # 39; PopSockets on case specifically designed f & # 39; mind the PopGrips. PopSockets are the most popular plastic rings that people are sticking & # 39; after their iPhones.

The new case "Otter Pop +" from OtterBox + PopSockets aims to fix some of the biggest annoyance with the concept …

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The case is part of Otter Pop + Symmetry Series OtterBox, which is the major line of cases for the iPhone. On the surface, the Otter Pop + looks very similar to other cases & # 39; Symmetry, but the back is where things become interesting.

On the back, you will find PopGrip built. What appears here, however, is that PopTop down completely flush with the case. This means that m & # 39; no swelling on the back of your iPhone because your PopSocket when not in use. This fixes one of the biggest annoyance with traditional design PopSocket.

"OtterBox and PopSockets to collaborate on an integrated case were not minded," she said Jim Parke, OtterBox CEO. "Our fans love the variety, adaptation and smooth protection. B & # 39; + Otter Pop, we can deliver it in & # 39; thin iPhone case that combines the heritage & # 39; & # 39 is our protection; all unique attributes that give PopSockets. "

In addition, the PopTop can & # 39; removed with ease, allowing swap designs and even remove it completely if you wish so. PopTops individual can be purchased from $ 8, which allows you to diversify your phone clothing.

The PopSocket became very popular trend, especially among younger users of the iPhone. Offers several benefits, including easier use with & # 39; one hand and provides embedded kickstand. Many people, however, found that the inefficient design overcomes those benefits, but it seems the exact problem OtterBox is looking to solve.

Cases Otter Pop + will be sold later this spring in three colors: black, blue and purple. according to The tip XS will be available for iPhone, iPhone X, iPhone 8, Plus 8 iPhone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. M & # 39; there is no iPhone version XR, and we to wonder about the iPhone XS Max. Prices start from $ 59.95.

If you want to try the concept PopSocket before rising $ 60 in the case of OtterBox, are available for less than $ 10 on Amazon.

OtterBox and PopSockets announce Swapable, relentless Otter Pop +

FORT COLLINS, Colo., 7 & # 39; January, 2019 / PRNewswire / – A series of & # 39; OtterBox Symmetry and PopSockets PopGrips are match made in heaven. Kampjonata a trend tendetters everywhere, the combination is now available with & # 39; truly integrated way. Introducing & # 39; Otter Pop +, Series event & # 39; Symmetry b & # 39; P PopGrip PopTops swappable and to create a fully customizable experience for each appearance, style, scene or vibe.1

Otter Pop + for iPhone is about to f & # 39; & # 39 variety; swappable combinations and relentless.

"OtterBox and PopSockets to collaborate on an integrated case were not minded," she said Jim Parke, OtterBox CEO. "Our fans love the variety, adaptation and smooth protection. B & # 39; + Otter Pop, we can deliver it in & # 39; thin iPhone case that combines the heritage & # 39; & # 39 is our protection; all unique attributes that give PopSockets. "

"Case b & # 39; integrated connection, a swappable & # 39; PopSockets, made the most mark with & # 39; robust in the world, which also happens to be Colorado company? It is a good idea to me, "said David Barnett, Founder and CEO PopSockets.

Otter Pop + combines streamlined design & # 39; Symmetry Series with the versatility & # 39; PopGrip to the iPhone is easier to use than ever before. Starting with & # 39; free iPhone box smooth and one piece to protect against drops and bumps. The integrated PopGrip makes flush with the case when not in use and provides operation with & # 39; the one viewing easier and free hand when most needed.

Swappable PopTops make the adaptation of the case for any occasion breeze. Each case is b & # 39; PopTop color compared to the case, but any swappable PopTop can & # 39; used with a simple turn and press to create swappable appearance & # 39; One type, you can & # 39; stop, unstoppable.

Otter Pop + soon to iPhone on and Choose PopTops swappable will also be available to match & # 39; each color of the case. Otter + Pop will start $ 59.95 MSRP, while PopTops individual can be exchanged will start $ 8 MSRP.

About OtterBox:

OtterBox bold innovative products that give confidence and trust in any exercise. From its humble beginnings with & # 39; & # 39 in dry box; Fort Collins, Colo., Garage, OtterBox demonstrated and urged its expertise in manufacturing and design to make the case brand & # 39; smartphone 1 sales in the United States and a leader in & # 39 products; style & # 39; rugged outdoor life.2

In the center of & # 39; each OtterBox innovation is deeper target for a positive and lasting change. In partnership with OtterCares Foundation, OtterBox grows to give back by inspire children to change the world through entrepreneurship and philanthropy. To learn more about the mission, visit

For more information, visit

About PopSockets:

David Barnett is the founder and CEO of PopSockets. It was a major philosophy in & # 39; Emory, major physics at the University & # 39; Boulder Colorado, received his doctorate in philosophy from NYU, and from 2005-2015 he was professor philosophical at the University & # 39; Boulder Colorado. His specialist research in the philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, before reaching enlightenment, stopped making philosophy, and became an entrepreneur.

In 2010, Barnett was seeking how to prevent the headset cord of his ear to entangled, and he earned it by inkulla two buttons on the back of his phone and tgeżwel the ear wire around the buttons . How ugly as the buttons, they worked. During the improvement of & # 39; idea, he developed about 60 different prototype, made the buttons to expand and collapse through & # 39; mechanism & # 39; agreement, so they can work either as a stand as well as catch. In 2012, Barnett KickStarter campaign launched iPhone case if there were two grips PopSockets integrated into the case. Besides financed with & # 39; successful, the KickStarter campaign enabled Barnett show the world his dance power. Two years later, in 2014, Barnett launched the business from his garage in & # 39; Boulder, Colorado, And subsequently sold over 40 million catch PopSockets worldwide.


1 Symmetry Series NOT protective against water. It will provide added protection against drops and shock.

2 Source: The NPD Group / Tracking Service Retail: Protection / Units Sold of Mobile Phone / January 2015 – June 2018

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