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Parents & # 39; Metro Vancouver mad after finding a needle in a game home store


Mitch and Paula Selman and child & # 39; six years with Angus game Mouse Trap and syringe found inside the box in their home in & # 39; Pitt Meadows.

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Mother and father & # 39; Pitt Meadows left shaken after son & # 39; telaqilhom six years in their home which syringe, needle still attached and exposed, and wondered "Mother, x & # 39; is this?"

The first grader was found with a hypodermic needle in & # 39; Game of Mouse Trap board that his father had just purchased it in & # 39; Ralke Value Coquitlam.

Mitch and Paula Selman are concerned that the main chain of corporate thrift store allowed something potentially change lives and it is dangerous to be sold in & # 39; toy.

The syringe was limited by & # 39; orange plastic cap, but their son ġibha to expose the needle.

"The last thing any parent wants is to come with her daughters b & # 39; & # 39 needle in, her hands," said Mitch Selman.

His wife immediately determined their son or his two friends, a & # 39; eight and five, were drilled.

"For us, of course, if one of the kids was hurt & # 39; …" said Selman. He said he and his wife were concerned that the needle may have been contaminated by an infectious disease.

Were also found in the game box were two tubes partially used & # 39; glue "toxic" toxic.

The parents immediately called Village & # 39; Value and were worried to discover the staff disagreed with their concerns

eventually called back employment and left a message on the cellphone of & # 39; Paula, with "apology & # 39; 10 seconds, b & # 39; half hearted followed by a message & # 39; 30 seconds on sales that were are playing that week for 30 percent off the child's clothes, "said Selman.

"It may not be hiring & # 39; hypodermic needles in children's toys, can not do it", he said. "As a consumer, I feel safe purchasing for items in your store, period. And especially toys."

He said that although there were store & # 39; savings, Value Village is a large corporation and profitable.

"Hire another person to check the cargo," he said.

Selman said he was still waiting for a call on Monday promised by the store manager.

"I hope (the manager) and our customers will have the opportunity to connect today", said Valery Village spokeswoman Sara Gaugl f & # 39; email on Monday.

"The safety of our customers and team members is & # 39; utmost importance to us. Our stores all have strict policies & # 39; assessment in place and are committed to evaluate items all for quality assurance before they go to the sales floor. "

"This ball is removed in & # 39; a lot of ways," said Lindsay Meredith, marketing professor SFU withdrawn. "If this is your screen and chunks experiencing it, not very good screen."

He said the company's response "to ignore the customer until get off and go" is the way companies used to deal with complaints before social media.

Now, he said, a company refuses to deal with legitimate complaints because of its endangered by that refusal can & # 39; become bigger than the problem.

He said the email response & # 39; Value Village collides progressive and transparent company should do with & # 39; response to crisis in 2018.

"Come quickly clean and clean", he said. The company should recognize the failure and promise to clarify what went wrong and make changes to prevent recurrence.

Selman said Value Village should be held responsible and declares his & # 39; are doing to fix it "not only (pay) lip service".

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