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Phone Samsung folding worth up to $ 2,500: Report


The first Android smartphone disposed of & # 39; & # 39 Samsung can; have much availability & # 39; limited carrier from the main entrepreneurs of the company and will almost certainly be much more expensive. Report early this week suggests that Samsung has already ruled on the plans & # 39; its launch in the United Kingdom where the Galaxy Flex or however the end device called only sold and by & # 39; EE. That approach is in & # 39; a sharp contrast with the product strategy of the company for airlines Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, both are offered by virtually every leading network operator in the country and abroad.

Regarding the price, the Galaxy Flex said to cost between £ 1,500 and £ 2,000 in the UK, demand for privileges & # 39; company. Those figures add up to a range of & # 39; $ 1,900 to $ 2,500, suggesting that unconventional hand will be higher as twice that of the most valuable mainstream smartphone Telephone & # 39; Samsung today – the 512GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. While sometimes to make our & # 39; wireless carriers and help them sell equipment contract through the online shop and brick-and-mortar stores , this will not be the case with Galaxy Flex, at least in the United Kingdom; The new report suggests that the firm will sell only SIM-free variant of & # 39; spirit & # 39; Android, while EE will offer her both Unlocked and contract. Samsung is currently unclear whether it intends to provide consumers with the ability to pay for inhalation devices, though this seems a likely scenario in light of its expected price.

The band & # 39; on the expected price range Galaxy Flex is only the most premium foldable phablet variant, the same source claiming that Samsung plans to offer multiple models, presumably b & # 39; different memory configurations, for years now. For m & # 39; is not clear whether the firm will use any strategy & # 39; a similar launch in other markets such as the United States, although the niche nature of the Galaxy Flex do more experimental work & # 39; likely scenario – Samsung figured how to mass produce handsets jintewew and only at the very beginning of the journey to actually sell into masse.

background: The next device is expected to be the first phone that can & # 39; major jintmagħed in the world and is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2019. The manager of the Korean technology & # 39; South has already confirmed that period & # 39; time & # 39; launch but did not provide many other details about the issue. Previous reports indicated that the company intends to introduce the gadget b & # 39; officially in the next edition of the Mobile World Congress, the largest exhibition of mobile commerce on the planet traditionally runs from late February to early & # 39; March. That estimated launch window is indicative of & # 39; & # 39 release; April, at least based on the previous flagship projects & # 39; Samsung.

Besides the factor of its unconventional shape, the Galaxy Flex will be different from other recent smartphones & # 39; ultra ultra premium size of its initial batch. While the conglomerate based in & # 39; Seoul usually sell tens of & # 39; & # 39 million; its flagship initiatives & # 39; Android annually, does not plan to go all in & # 39; the device because typing seminalment believes that the price of the unprecedented price will severely limit its commercial potential. Given that situation, the firm is the first targeting group & # 39; & # 39 by production, with about one million units & # 39; health and will again & # 39; assess plans & # 39; future production after seeing how the initial wave of selling devices. That careful approach can & # 39; explain why Samsung is happy with & # 39; & # 39 participation; one carrier in the United Kingdom; No company in history has ever proven industry to offer smartphone & # 39; $ 2,000 + a mainstream product, so sales & # 39; that initial batch at & # 39; & # 39 period; a reasonable time already considered a success and a base from which Samsung can & # 39; build for the future where the form factor is an expectation, not the exception.

Samsung has been working actively on the project & # 39; smartphone release for over half a decade now, after restarting & # 39; began the effort from the start in & # 39; several occasions due to technological barriers, according to a number of & # 39; reports came from all parts of the world in & # 39; in recent years. While ultimately it is close to reaching the stage actually release hands to close a grade of & # 39; consumer, is already planning for a long time and has some concrete ideas on how you & # 39; improve the form factor that dissolve in the future, as suggested recently by a vision patents, including one describing jintrefħu handsets b & # 39; projekters of holograms.

While the Galaxy Flex will not take advantage of the full potential of the network & # 39; & # 39 distribution; Samsung, the company still intends pushing globally. Some of its executives have already said a lot and some unofficial findings such as the test firmware leaks suggest that the device is at least almost indeed launch in the United States. Earlier this month, the technology giant revealed Infinity Flex, Super AMOLED panel is expected bendable used by Galaxy Flex. The module & # 39; the screen is designed to be 7.3 inches in size when fully extend and have diagonal & # 39; 4.6 inches when folded. The only expected company denies hand in & # 39; immediate term is Huawei the project & # 39; smartphone to fly its also near completion, according to recent reports and company statements on the issue.

impact: The high cost and questions about the durability x & # 39; likely to keep the average consumer & # 39; away from Flex Galaxy lost once the first smartphone & # 39; Samsung finally reach the market. That expectation is what led the company to set a target of & # 39; relatively low production for the initial batch of its seminal device and consequently excluded the possibility that the hand collected from all its traditional partners in wireless industry. While Samsung was quite keen on seeing first hand that you & # 39; bend as early & # 39; line up a completely new product, the product itself will still be & # 39; very experimental character and & # 39; unlikely to establish any kind & # 39; sales records. Further details of the device – including the official name and the current design – must be disclosed in & # 39; MWC 2019, which is also when it is expected to launch a rival handset from Huawei.

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