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Police put & # 39; men with & # 39; deadly way in Corner Brook


A police officer on the ground with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in & # 39; Canter Brook shot and killed a man Tuesday night.

The shooting happened 11:30 p.m. f & # 39; home on Carriage Lane.

The police say the officer was responding to a criminal complaint and carried their arms.

A man was shot and killed after the RNC has been called home to & # 39; Corner Brook on what they say was a criminal complaint in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 0:28

Police tell CBC News more information will be available later today.

According to a woman who was inside the residence Wednesday morning, the house is rent and had the same tenants for about a year and a half.

The RNC remaining & # 39; in the scene Wednesday morning, with police tape blocking the highway and back of the house.

Trailers deadly past

There have been several deadly gunfire in & # 39; hand police Newfoundland and Labrador.

F & # 39; April 2015, an official of the RNC Joe Smyth shot and killed Don Dunphy at his home in & # 39; Mitchells Brook, during a meeting Smyth said she picked up shortly after received at home & # 39; Dunphy.

subsequent judicial review but Smyth used "appropriate force" while acting in his own defense, because he believed that his life was in & # 39; risk.

Two other gunfire occurred both in 2000.

F & # 39; August 2000, the RCMP officers shot to death in Norman Reid Catherine Little after collecting official with on & # 39; mash on his head. Reid, who suffered from schizophrenia, was shot five times.

F & # 39; October 2000, Darryl Power was killed shot in the home & # 39; & # 39 mother f; Corner Brook when the RNC officers responded to a call of & # 39; danger. Police issued three shots after leaving Power & # 39; outside the apartment door with & # 39; & # 39 knife in; hands.

Subsequent investigation determined the Power, who suffered from depression and attacks & # 39; panic, died by & # 39; "Suicide by puliz."

The Reid and Power cases had an influential role in changing & # 39; how police are trained to deal with cases where mental illness is a factor.

F & # 39; March 1996, Nicholas Benteau was shot and killed by two RCMP officers in the house & # 39; father & # 39; Benteau f & # 39; May Point. Subsequent inquiry has highlighted how RCMP officers are trained to shoot at the center of the body, rather than shoot to capture.

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