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Police respond to threats to three high schools Kingston – Kingstonist


Police on the scene in & # 39; Regiopolis Notre Dame on Wednesday, 5 & # 39; December, 2018. Photo by First Response Media.

Police on the scene in Secondary School & # 39; Bayridge just before midday on Wednesday, 5 December 2018. Photo by First Response Media.

Update: From 01: 15 p.m., the Secondary School of the Holy Cross has been placed in the lock. M & # 39; no indication why.

Both Regiopolis Notre Dame and Secondary School & # 39; Bayridge are now kept locked and secure after both schools early today.

The Police & # 39; Kingston respondents said both schools because of threats made aimed at all schools. Police said she still did not determine whether the threat is related or not. Threats to Regi done over the phone, according to Police & # 39; Kingston. The police continue & # 39; on the scene in both schools.

As a measure of & # 39; precaution, number & # 39; Other local schools were placed in & # 39; position and secure, keeping all doors locked and students and all staff inside. Bayridge Public, École secondaire Catholique Marie-Rivier, Katarokwi Learning Center, KCVI, Lancaster Drive Public School and Frontenac Secondary School are all currently held secure and in & # 39; this time (1:05 ​​pm on Wednesday, December 5, 2018).

The Board & # 39; the Limestone District School showed that all students and staff are safe.

More information will be given when available.

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