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Rabies confirmed in Rare Case & # 39; Katt from Longview


For the first time in & # 39; several years in & # 39; Albacera, confirmed confirmed case & # 39; rabies in domestic cats.

On 13 & # 39; in November, the Office of the Chief Provincial Veterinarian received notification confirming the case of rabies.

According to the notification, the cat had nine & # 39; & # 39 years and spent; time both indoors and outdoors, in & # 39; farm & # 39; Longview.

The cat owners have noted extreme aggression in the animal, which later imbegat both its owner and the owner's son who are actually seek medical treatment to prevent further infections.

According to the website of the Canadian Agency for Food Inspection, this is the first case of & # 39; anger documented in & # 39; ever since 2010 in Alberta.

Veterinary Public Health for the Government & # 39; Alberta Darcia Kostiuk says, while cases & # 39; anger are rare, there are a few common factors that lead to infection.

"It circulates within the population of bats and many typically, cats & # 39; inside and outside can easily make a game. It's not surprising to see cats get rabies, though fortunately not that common".

According Kostiuk, cats are domestic only f & # 39; risk.

"The dogs usually do not have the same game behavior to make the cats, but dogs tend to pick up anything on the ground. Bundles b & # 39; link typically can not fly properly, so be based on the ground. tested the bat after qabadha dog in his mouth and for firing was positive, so the dog had to enter a & # 39; & # 39 period; quarantine. "

Kostiuk says that pet owners should focus on drastic changes in behavior, if they suspect that their animal was infected.

"The aggression can & # 39; is common, however, on the side of & # 39; later, an animal can & # 39; also becomes paralyzed and komatose. Definitely things to look for in the beginning are any changes in personality or -imġieba, whether it means getting more aggressive, the animal becomes quiet. "

Kostiuk says that rabies virus is transmitted through the saliva of an infected host.

"Rabies is a virus that has split the skin barrier to enter into & # 39; a body of mammals. When traveling from the body, is targeting the central nervous system. Not present in the blood, but once comes to mind then goes to the salivary glands, and this is as it passes the virus, so if a wound is contaminated with saliva or a bite occurs, something has to cross the skin barrier. "

The cat involved in the event & # 39; Longview since left, and Kostiuk says once symptoms begin to manifest, it is generally too late.

"Once the animal or human have symptoms, m & # 39; there is nothing you can & # 39; to do, they go beyond rabies. If human exposure to a bat in any shape or form, should contact doctor care of their health. "

To prevent rabies, Kostiuk recommends vaccination.

"It is important that vaccination with rabies, I know that is not always easy, but it is very important to get those vaccinations and hold & # 39; the schedule. Prepared in case the animal is exposed. I had cats living in & # 39; building & # 39; positive apartments and bats fell & # 39; on their balcony. cuts come in & # 39; houses, and in them, house cats will make some thing about that bat. cat is inside does not mean it will not be exposed. "

Kostiuk also recommends that children be encouraged not to touch wild animals and to ensure that each animal & # 39; externally monitored.

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