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rapid thing & # 39; 6 years helps save mom frigid ocean waters


Burnside was crabbing with Jax & # 39; father & # 39; outside edge & # 39; dock in Colwood B.C. near the Victoria last week when near tragedy struck, and istinni of & # 39; & # 39 six years; tomb began.

The sun was going on and it was the last catch of the day when the mother & # 39; JAX, Shannon Burnside, lost his foot on the dock and drop & # 39; back into the frigid water.

"Without Jax went horribly, horribly wrong," said Burnside.

She swam to the edge of the dock and tried to pull herself. She was wearing a lifejacket but line & # 39; crab trap was wound around her foot, and prevents out of the water.

As it tried unsuccessfully to pull herself onto the dock, instinti Jax started and he picked up his dad's phone.

"Siri, called Daddy '

"He told Siri to call 911, and has done nothing, and then said" Siri, call Daddy ", she said.

When Jax realized that was not anywhere by phone, ran the dock and shouted for help.

"You can & # 39; to see the little legs running", said the employee of the marina Grant Sawyer.

Shannon Burnside describes how her son Jax ran the dock to get help. "He fell & # 39 ;, he earned back up, and fell & # 39; and gained back up, he continued to work." (Luisa Alvarez / CHEK News)

"I saw a small child afraid to & # 39; the dock and we nisimgħuh disappearance," he said.

Sawyer quickly assembled lifejackets and he and a few others were moving to where he could listen to the silent woman.

"By the time he [Sawyer] got me I had nothing left, "said Burnside.

Burnside had lost the strength to maintain and was in & # 39; surface water under the dock out of sight.

She began tapping on wood & # 39; below so they can find.

Sawyer and bring another man to Burnside on the dock, check its vital signs and got her and Jax on a boat back to the marina office where she warmed with dry clothes, warm blankets and hot cocoa.

Burnside suffered cuts, bruises and dislokata shoulder. She says she had to stop in the water if not for her son.

"M & # 39; there is no way that you & # 39; get out of the water. You lose your motivation," she said.

Mother and son are already trying to put the incident behind them – by then & # 39; here traveled to the same docks for more fishing and crabbing.

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