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Raptors comebacks do not come in & # 39; strange and wild situation against Nuggets


TORONTO – "They come in & # 39; hands at & # 39; face, man," Denver Nuggets, the head coach, Mike Malone, said about the Raptors a & # 39; Toronto after losses & # 39 ; Raptors 106-103 on Monday.

Continuing, sure, f & # 39; midnight where the Raptors had a game that you & # 39; used after three quarters before rallied late comeback – only to be felled by & # 39; frustrating funding.

Hey, can not all be hits.

Monday was constructing a good day for the Raptors. Since the team has strengthened its claim as the best NBA through & # 39; 25 games, had a group & # 39; Winning & # 39; nine & # 39; games and record & # 39; 20-4 f & # 39; his tillir against the Nuggets, two key pieces to its best start in history & # 39; franchise, Kawhi Leonard and chief Nick Nurse, were recognized for their achievements.

Nurse – in his first month as a bench boss & # 39; the NBA, the honors & # 39; Coach of-the Month of & # 39; the least profitable. "I feel that I have received a Lamborghini," said Nurse just before departure, and reduced its own contributions. He did a great job to utilize the many movable parts on its roster and led the Raps by & # 39; everything from remarks by & # 39; two figures, win a blowout, winning strip, lost strips, and everything in between and – the outcome of Monday aside – has the team as well positioned as could & # 39; was hoping this early in the season.

Camps game of the NBA lost from around the league, including more than 40 Raptors games. Plus, take the NHL, MLB, Premier League, CHL and more.

Regarding & # 39; Leonard, it was absolutely as advertised, and has started to lower his game as games get more comfortable in the system & # 39; Nurse and puts injury woes & # 39; season behind. Leonard was named as the Player of the Week in the East after an average of & # 39; 30 points per game over the last seven days, along with & # 39; nine & # 39; victories, highlighted by a hero & # 39; His 37 points in overtime the Raptors have won against the Warriors of & # 39; Golden State on Friday.

Leonard was stellar again & # 39; other on Monday, prompting Raptors b & # 39; 27 points and nailing what could & # 39; was the winner of the game with & # 39; seven & # 39; seconds remaining & # 39; in & # 39; straordina situation and wild at Scotiabank Arena. (More on that in & # 39; a moment.)

Of course, the Nuggets are not slouches themselves. Denver has the first place in the West and led to Monday & # 39; Player of the Week alone in advancing veteran Paul Millsap, who produced an average of & # 39; 21.5 points, 10 tables and three aids over the past week as Denver went 2-0 against Portland and blowout of & # 39; 32 points against LeBron James and the Lakers of & # 39; Los Angeles. (Remember when Millsap, annually linked to & # 39; the Raptors in trade rumors, was considered a potential answer to unlock the potential of the Raptors, the third star filled long to accompany Lowry and DEMAR DeRozan? s look nucleus makes sure seems like an eternity ago.)

At night where the Canadian warden & # 39; Jamal outbreak Murray entered the building with its focus, the largest of the Nuggets star was undoubtedly center Nikola Jokić c. The unorthodox game & # 39; 23 years & # 39; seven & # 39; foot and stellar play out of center location – had 10 assists by halftime – was on full display. Jokić began to increase in the Nuggets at the end of the second quarter, taking its decisions of & # 39; quickly and the fire & # 39; infectious soon as Denver kept the ball and caught the Raptors off guard and took advantage of & # 39; 12 points midway.

"I hope to be able issued [Jokic] with a little more pressure, "Nurse said after the game." It just seemed to manage them. We worked hard on it, we tried niżżluh under any confusion with the ball but nothing faze him. "

The poem & # 39; Jokić in the range, along with & # 39; ability & # 39; of & # 39; its ability to Unreal's no question why so considered. And it all starts with his ability to find teammates.

"He's a great passer, man. It makes the game easier for everyone around him," said Nuggets center Mason Plumlee, who was on the reception & # 39; more than one-to-one big alley oop. "He sees the floor so well. I do not know what his line was like tonight, but I imagine they got a lot aids."

Fifteen, to be exact, to go along with & # 39; & # 39 high team; 23 points and 11 rebounds, and several clutch makes the band.

Meanwhile, Leonard stepped to the Raptors. "It & # 39; player like that," said Gary Harris, one of the best defensive wing of the NBA and the best nuggets scorer, who left the game Monday with & # 39; court of hip, "is so offensive talent that will not jwaqqafh."

It was true, and Leonard could not be stopped, and scored 16 in the first half. The same could not be said of his teammates. Kyle Lowry, for example, the game b & # 39; five points on shooting & # 39; 1-of-7 – but managed 11 assistance was incorrect in the middle of the opening shot. Serge Ibaka made some key baskets in the second half, and ended up with Pascal Siakam & # 39; 14 points, but it was difficult to find secondary scoring for the Raps. A 26 percent night & # 39; three points & # 39; Toronto shooting did not help its cause, either.

And then there was that frenzied finish.

Started with clutch jump Leonard, driving right elbow and drew a jumper to put the Raptors with one & # 39; 55 seconds remaining. Jokić responded with & # 39; floater on the next possession. Danny Green has earned a chance to re & # 39; obtains lead – the first jumper forced, second, after a short run loose, clean look deep.

Jokić fled the rebound and shared Nuggets b & # 39; their fate which issued b & # 39; nothing, and set the stage for a final possession & # 39; Toronto b & # 39; fortunate to win the game. With 12 seconds on the clock, the Raptors entered the ball and Leonard turned toward the basket, turned, jumped, and faded two defenders for a jumper. Swish. Tie game.

But with seven & # 39; seconds remaining, Denver still had a chance to steal victory. That is when a bad call occurred. Once the ball has entered, Ibaka was immediately called for a foul on Jokić, tying the men as he tried to end screen. He sent the Nuggets to the line of free boarding and, because the wrong place bursting of the ball, meant that Denver had possession.

Point & # 39; key change, call and surprising due to the weight of & # 39; that most, but not exactly, if you have one unexpected Ibaka on Jokić before play began.

As expected the ball had entered, Jokić – twice – with & # 39; dramatically his health as weapons of & # 39; Ibaka true and discard hands in the air while looking at the referees to pay attention. They have done so only, and when the ball was inside the handsaka coverage & # 39; of & # 39 Ibaka; Jokić got the Raptors center called the wrong. nailed Jokić to throw his b & # 39; nothing, and when the Nuggets left the ball again & # 39; other to big with and was polluted, this time deliberately, calmly dropped & # 39; departure free to seal the victory.

After the game Nurse said he must give time to the second question look before commenting on it. Ibaka, and Lowry, made a fast exit after the game and did not speak with the media.

"It was the right call," said Plumlee. "I abide that, typically in the NBA, you have people exploit the stretch. But if you will insert the other three quarters, you have to call in the fourth & # 39 ;. You can & # 39; running on offense, and if there is no freedom & # 39; movement, where are you going?

"And [Ibaka] knows better. "

It was kind of & # 39; a role that you see all the time, veteran actor using & # 39; all options at its disposal to reduce the opponent down. Unfortunately for the Raptors, this time the hammer fell by officials, who were front and center at the end of a heated and chippy.

So, hard loss to the Raptors, even if they fought back in & # 39; a game that appeared at the tip getting early hands.

The Monday game represented the first game in & # 39; what will undoubtedly be the most severe range & # 39; Raptors s & # 39; now f & # 39; this season. After Denver, the Raptors go to face the Philadelphia 76ers, and then after a competition against the Brooklyn Nets on Friday will face, in order, the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clipper, Warriors – this time with Atari 39, Steph Curry is expected to be in the lineup Trail Blazers, the Nuggets again & # 39; other f & # 39; Denver, and then they'll go back home for a game against the Indiana Pacers. Besides Brooklyn, those teams have a combined record & # 39; 103-58.

It is easier here for the Raptors. On the next one.

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