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RCMP asked to probe tale & # 39; two Liberal MPs, suburban tract, a trip to India and dealing in land & # 39; dollars multimilljuni


The city & # 39; Toronto area & # 39; Brampton asked the RCMP to look into land deals & # 39; several million & # 39; dollars after the transaction confidential information passed to the local Liberal deputies Navdeep Bains and Raj Grewal, sources confirmed Friday.

The city council referred the matter to the Mounties in & # 39; special meeting Tuesday, sources confirmed to the National Post.

The information received Bains – the minister for economic development – and Grewal, who recently resigned his seat because of dependence on gambling and related debt, included price the city offered the government & # 39; Ontario for land, about $ 3.3 million.

Following talks between the municipality and the province failed, a local company called Goreway Heaven Inc. purchased the property for a similar amount and then sold it to the city for $ 4.4 million, according to two sources.

Goreway Heaven seems to have Liberal ties, b & # 39; at least one of the directors who participated in unlimited trip prime minister to India earlier this year. About half the directors have two or more donations to the federal Liberal party.

It is in MP & # 39; that area. that's

The land was sold to the city in & # 39; & # 39 January, this year. A month later, the director & # 39; Goreway Heaven director Baghwan "Gary" Grewal – no relation to the MP but former president of the Liberal riding association in & # 39; Messissauga-Streetsville – participated in the visit & # 39; Trudeau in India, indicating the page & # 39;

"Honor to be part of the delegation Trudeau PM", he says in & # 39; one place.

The page & # 39; Grewal including photographs which create Raj Grewal, Bains, the Minister of Defense Harjit Sajjan and several other Liberal MPs who took part in the visit.

Baghwan Grewal could not be reached for comment.

Raj Grewal said through & # 39; speaker received a report on the city's unsolicited land deal and then m & # 39; done nothing with it.

Suggests that flowed information about the price to be Goreway Heaven "categorically false", said the representative of & # 39; Grewal Joel Etienne.

The speakers Bains, Dani Keenan, said the minister was never crosses with & # 39; one or benefited in any way from confidential information relating to the advantage of & # 39; Goreway.

"Any allegation or insinuation & # 39; misconduct on his part are categorically false and will be answered by his lawyer," said Keenan.

MP & # 39; Brampton, Navdeep Bains and Sonia Sidhu in & # 39; reception in India with & # 39; Bhagwan Grewal, right, whose company was involved in Goreway Heaven & # 39; & # 39 envelope, floor sources say that the city & # 39; Brampton referred to the RCMP for investigation.


Two directors & # 39; Goreway said that the company was one of 24 bid on and bought land to develop itself, partly by building funerals. When found that the site was "without land" and could not get permission for their project, they had no choice but to sell, dealers said.

The firm did not have advance knowledge of what the city had already offered it, bringing directors and Kulwant Riarh Jaswinder Bhatti, and discuss the agreement & # 39; MP. Bhatti said he occasionally deals with & # 39; Grewal but only as a local member.

"We buy such properties in 20 & # 39; year. We never discussed it, and he never acted on any property as a lawyer or not", said the director. "It is in MP & # 39; this area. That's what. Nothing more."

The site & # 39; the news & # 39; Pointer, who broke the story Thursday, suggested that Hasneet Punia, chief of staff to Mayor Linda Jeffrey Brampton ended "the price to figure Bains and Grewal.

But Marcel Wieder Group & # 39; Aurora strategy, which is representing the officer, said Punia was doing its job. It is simply the two MPs of the staff report on the project that included price, part of an effort & # 39; routine to persuade the federal government to help finance the planned project of the city.

"The information about how the city has agreed to pay the province for land & # 39; Goreway Drive was part of the confidential report delivered to the two MPs offices, and Mr. Punia m & # 39; has no idea how that information was used by someone else, if at all, "said Wieder.

Chantal Gagnon, press secretary & # 39; Trudeau, said Bhagwan Grewal nor any other business person in the trip were part of the official delegation of the prime minister, but were invited by individual MPs to specific events . Raj Grewal said he asked all directors & # 39; Goreway Heaven.

The agreement disputed land is among a growing controversy over Grewal, who resigned just over a week ago. After the first quote reasons "personal and medical", the office & # 39; Trudeau, after Grewal himself, revealed he had a gambling problem and big debts emerged from that.

media reports indicate that the RCMP was investigating financial activities across the millions & # 39; dollars, MPs prepared in & # 39; casinos and elsewhere, while senator Conservative says he learned 18 months ago Grewal who was under investigation because of his prodigious gambling games.

The city & # 39; Brampton for 20 years had wanted to raise traffic bottle neck near its border with Mississauga as path girls on the rail.

Was negotiating to buy the land necessary for the project from the province but stopped talks because Ontario asked for more than $ 3.3 million offered Brampton, sources said.

Then in February 2017, Goreway bought the package instead, with & # 39; Bhatti and Riarh estimated to pay in a range of & # 39; $ 3.3 – $ 3.5 million. Riarh said lending the company $ 2 million for the purchase, and planned to build a truck terminal or a large warehouse and funerals.

Recently sold the land in & # 39; Brampton, Ont., Confidential information which apparently was the Liberal MP Raj Grewal an assistant to the mayor of the city.

J.P. Moczulski for Postmedia News

It & # 39; January Goreway sold to the city for about a million dollars more than was paid as, a source said, Brampton now realized he had no choice but to get the property.

Bhatti said the amount of & # 39; $ 4.4 million was a reasonable price, because of all the costs & # 39; Goreway Heaven faced in the interim and that he could not now use the package.

"You have to pay the mortgage, you pay taxes on the transfer of land. … Then you let all the people to develop that land," he said. "We have developed the plans & # 39; all development, submitted to the city, along with their rights. If you add, how much it all cost?"

Several directors & # 39; Goreway seem to be supporters of the Liberal party.

According to Elections Canada, Bhagwan Grewal contributed about $ 6,000 to the federal part of 2009.

Names database & # 39; the Canada Elections matching & # 39; Other directors include Kiran Malhotra, giving a total of & # 39; about $ 1,000 to Liberals, Gurmeet Sidhu about $ 3,000, Jaswinder Bhatti, about $ 3,000 (plus & # 39; a similar amount to the NDP) and Upinder Dhanoa, which contributing $ 616 2015 for Liberals (and $ 450 for the Conservatives in 2009).

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