Monday , November 29 2021

Researchers Develop App that can & # 39; tester For Anemia By & # 39; Single photo


Anemia is one of the blood disease most common in the world was estimated to affect approximately 2 billion people work. For those not familiar, is basically where a person m & # 39; has red blood cells or hemoglobin, and as a result & # 39; symptoms (not necessarily exclusive to disease) include fatigue, weakness, shortness & # 39; breathing, etc.

Previously to test anemia, patients should undergo invasive blood test to determine what levels & # 39; their hemoglobin, but thanks to researchers at the University & # 39; Emory, specially created mobile platform (through & # 39; 9to5Mac) apparently can & # 39; b & # 39; one date of your nails.

Basically the app will snap a photo & # 39; your nails. Users are then asked to indicate where their bees are in the photo, and the app will then analyze it. It is smart enough where he can & # 39; ignore the flash of the camera, and based on the color of your nails, then it can & # 39; tells levels & # 39; hemoglobin which can then & # 39; use to determine if it & # 39; have anemia.

Of course this test does not necessarily guarantee that you have anemia, but because of how fast it works and how non-invasive, making it easier for people to test themselves at home to decide whether to see a doctor. Unfortunately the app is not available to the public at the moment, and whether it will continue & # 39; it seems.

Because there is interest in developing & # 39; affordable and non-invasive medical tools, we will not be surprised if companies like Apple wish to include such a feature in its future iPhones.

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