Wednesday , May 25 2022

Roast T-Mobile AT & T to update mobile b & # 39; & # 39 counterfeit request; 5G


Usually not give much attention to the old & # 39; T-Mobile Twitter, but earlier today the carrier was solid ritort any sense & # 39; sense than AT & T. In response to updating & # 39; AT & T phones to show slightly different logo & # 39; connectivity "5G E" – though not fully connect & # 39; 5G network – T-Mobile Tweeted a short video someone who puts sticky note that read "9G" LTE icon on the iPhone.

It's simple and dumb stunt. And it is entirely fair metaphor for what is making AT & T

AT & T is upgrading three phones (Samsung S8 Samsung Active and V30 and V40 of & # 39; LG) to show that the pseudo-5G icon when connected to & # 39; LTE networks received some updates to boost speed. While it is true that connections can be slightly faster than a typical connection LTE, AT & T still uses the 4G technology and touts definitely completely typical speeds of 4G. All branding intended only to help AT & T starts early in the race to 5G.

What makes it worse is that AT & T is ticking LTE technology to improve the speed actually is after on the launch. The network of "5G Evolution" AT & T refers only to LTE Advanced and Pro Advanced, a series of technological upgrades that other carriers have operated for many years. During the summer Verizon said it had used technology in & # 39; 1100 market. T-Mobile said it had 920 live market in November 2017. On the contrary, AT & T has a "5G Evolution" less than 400 market. (Carriers, of course, can measure these things in different ways and bickered about in the past, but turning a blind eye area where AT & T is significantly behind.)

So b & # 39; effectively, yes, AT & T has just sticking sticker "5G" LTE logo on their telephone. With tejjebx the phone & # 39; someone; and while AT & T has slightly improved its network, is offering something that the other major carriers have not done.

Of course, the 5G marketing antics just begun. T-Mobile itself was guilty of & # 39; sense & # 39; placing on the market like in 2010, when it declared to be "the largest network & # 39; 4G of & # 39; America," although not & # 39; has 4G network. In fact, a large part of the reason that we refer to as 4G LTE (the name of its technical standard) is due misstatements of & # 39; marketing during the transition from 3G. Probably soon to know whether the 5G is headed in the same direction.

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