Sunday , December 5 2021

Rock & # 39; explosion & # 39; homes in north central Edmonton neighborhood


The fire investigators remain on the scene south central & # 39; Edmonton after an explosion & # 39; homes and resulting fire can & # 39; swing the neighborhood & # 39; Westwood before Monday & # 39; south.

The crews & # 39; emergency responders for reports & # 39; explosion around 11:40 a.m., the head of the team said Famulak district team on the scene near 120 Avenue and 102 Street.

"They reported that there was off doors, windows blown, flame front and side, so we immediately defensive attack because it was pretty much involved when we arrived," said Famulak. Five units responded as well as police and & # 39; medical emergency.

Famulak confirmed explosion led to the fire and turned to the door & # 39; & # 39 ;, arisen before but the cause remains & # 39; unknown.

The next neighbor to neighbor Hope Robinson Smyke said was in her kitchen when I heard a huge bang and boom għeġet her home.

"Sound like anyone or harvested at home or something fell from the ceiling", she said. "The entire frame of the door & # 39; before it was finished much at home."

She said that the booming noise was different from anything you have heard before, but the fire was under control rapid arrival of services & # 39; fire rescue.

The fire crews worked to control the flames and smoke still going through what's left of the roof of the house Monday afternoon, with the main floor of the house cleaned. The fire was under control about 1 p.m., said Famulak, with plans to turn the scene to jintervesti investigators to determine the cause and the damage once it has been fully completed.

"There are only little damage to nearby places, without extension & # 39; some fire," he said.

No occupants were found in or around the home when crews & # 39; emergency arrived on the scene and the place where he is not known to the occupant, said Famulak.

Robinson Smyke said that a man lived alone in the house, but she saw him all the Monday before the explosion.

The human relatives that lived in the house came a shock to see the house in flames and were relieved to hear that he was not inside.

The police & # 39; Edmonton was the scene that spawned houses nearby, as many neighbors in the area were out watching the fire catch flames.

"Anytime there is an explosion, EPS will always be informed," said Famulak.

It is expected an update on the fire case when the investigation is complete, unscheduled & # 39; time set.

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