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Shania Twain wants to write a song for Celine Dion


Shania Twain carries in & # 39; & # 39 in Budweiser Gardens, London, Ont. Tuesday 3 & # 39; July 2018. Mike Hensen / The London Free Press / Postmedia Network

Mike Hensen / Mike Hensen / The London Free Pres

Shania Twain is writing a new tune for Canadian Canadian Dion.

The queen of the country admits it is a dream that Celine has been recording one track for many years, and now she is so determined to make this happen is you are writing songs that she thinks that Dion can & # 39; like calling himself .

"One of my dreams has always been that it would record one of my songs. I & # 39; d love her to sing one of my songs," Twain told news show Entertainment Tonight. "I'm going to write one! I love her, is extraordinary."

But she insists there will be duet "Can & # 39; I wrote the song and she can & # 39; tkantah."

Meanwhile, Shania is helping others to achieve their dreams as a judge on the series & # 39; new competition TV singing Real Country, where the Man! I Feel Like a Woman singer, Jake Owen and Travis Tritt are hoping to find the next Carrie Underwood or Chris Stapleton.

"We have so many great artists out there that need to be discovered," Twain, who also serves as executive producer on the show, explained. "We have to make room for them, especially for diversity. We need to make room for diversity. We need more women, b & # 39; stylistiku way, we should take advantage of all the different styles under the country music. So is my passion, the real Country. "

Shania reveals stints as a guest judge and consultant on American Idol and The Voice gave her the inspiration to create her own singing competition: "It gave me the bug ', is confessat.

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