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"She had to fight for it": Teachers drama of high school Sandra Oh remember its beginning


Actor Sandra Oh from yearbooks in High School & # 39; Sir Robert Borden: 11th grade.

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After becoming the first woman of Asian descent to win several Golden Globes, the actress birth Ottawa Sandra Oh thanked her parents in Korean. Sitting in the audience, they responded to its grant with & # 39; applużjoni enthusiastic.

It was a personal moment & # 39; lifting came before the eyes of viewers worldwide. Title as CNN put it, "Sandra Oh and her parents are Golden Globe MVPs."

For one teacher who knew Oh well before the fame & # 39; Anatomy of & # 39; Its Gray, back when a new actress was in High School & # 39; Sir Robert Borden of & # 39; Nepean, is called f & # 39; her mind another time 30 years ago.

The high school team had just won gold in the Canadian Improv Games, partly thanks to a performance by & # 39; robust than Oh.

"Her parents were present," recalled Valerie Twolan Graham, one of the drama teacher of high school Oh. "I remember with & # 39; clear moment where his father way – I think there was that moment & # 39; & # 39 realization, as was Sandy b & # 39; incredible talent."

It was around this time that Oh has applied to the National Theater School, where he began road & # 39; a career that has arisen from family and cultural expectations, said Twolan Graham. And this struggle, in part, is what she has to think Oh so successful.

"I think he has an incredible commitment to whatever it takes in & # 39; & # 39 terms; roles. It is a very intellectual and comic at the very same time. And also had to fight for it. "

As a student & # 39; high school and improv actor, "Sandy was a star," recalled Chris Winney, another drama teacher at & # 39; Sir Robert Borden. According Winney, Oh was carried pieces of short character class for its class, and left their response.

"Sandra Oh consultant was fantastic," said Kenra MROZ, graduate & # 39; Borden fellow. Oh knew through improv, although they were a few years apart in high school. "It was very encouraging, a & # 39; great support, very positive and very positive for us."

Teachers High School Sir Robert Borden Kenra MROZ been teaching at the High School of Sir Robert Borden for over 20 years, but also went to school with actress Sandra Oh and when it was in Grade 10, Oh (then in grade 13) thereof in the drama club.

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And yes, the parents Oh rather than entered in its decision to act. According Winney, "Once Mrs. Oh understood that (Sandra) was to be an actor, she became her best supporter … plus & # 39; his father, obviously."

Along its journey from Ottawa to Hollywood, Oh made a point to keep close to family and old friends. At the Golden Globes on Sunday, which Oh was host as well as the prize for best actress in & # 39; dramatic series, childhood friend sat beside his parents.

And in 2013, when Oh was given a key to the city from Mayor & # 39; Ottawa Jim Watson, "many of her childhood friends, teachers and all her family attended," said Winney.

Oh again & # 39; also back to visit Sir Robert Borden, tweeting take photo & # 39; high school and thanked Twolan Graham and Winney. "Improv ruled my life and I'm forever grateful," she wrote.

Twolan Graham were given a chance to catch up with & # 39; Oh during her 2013 visit. "It is still very humble and very authentic."

"Exactly Sandy seen in high school."


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