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shortened daylight in & # 39; you & # 39 BC, put a damper on mental health – Peace Arch News


It is not rare to find your mood to match the gloomy weather in & # 39; this time of year, but what exactly causes those blues and how you & # 39; tirbaħhom?

The low concern can & # 39; happens to coincide with the cold weather and wet, but the researchers found that actually has more x & # 39; to do with the shortened day between mid-October to the end of & # 39; February, said Sarah Hamid, Balmain, director of the BC branch & # 39; the Canadian Mental Health Association.

"About two to three percent & # 39; & # 39 British COLUMBIAN can, have … seasonal depression. Another 15 percent or so feel what we call x winter blahs," said Hamid, Balmain.

Depression mood can & # 39; & # followed a number of 39; things, she said, but the darkness affects b & # 39; special way of motivating people to get out and be social.

"Things like sunlight and how hot or cold, it can & # 39; affect how easy for us to exercise or our willingness to leave home and seeing friends. Cold days and dark and & # 39; rain can do those two things really difficult. "

It recommends that "aging" your mental health, bħadek be in your car, by eating well, getting a lot of rest and find ways to exercise indoors.

"We tend to think about these things for our physical health. We do not nirrealizzawx how important they are to our mental well-being."

The Canadian Mental Health Association also recommends trying to get as much as & # 39; is exposure to natural light as possible & # 39; be, be it sitting near a window or take a walk during a lunch break.

"Even if it is slightly cloudy, light of getting some extra sun is good."

If things get worse, Hamid-Balmain said it is important not to diagnose yourself but make an appointment with & # 39; doctor.

Other resources include and, both focusing on issues & # 39; mental health including seasonal affective disorder.

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