Monday , November 29 2021

SpaceX launched a Christmas dinner for the astronauts of the ISS this week


The International Space Station has road delivery, one that contains important load both science experiments as well as astronauts on board. The space station receive regular loads & # 39; goods; nothing at all. Delivering & # 39; this month will include something special for the crew, however, and arrive in time for Christmas.

The missions & # 39; resupply important part to maintain the International Space Station and crew to live on. The team depends on these vital transportation of goods to get the food items they need, scientific equipment, and more. Earlier this week, SpaceX launched b & # 39; & # 39 successful ship, the Dragon space which supplies & # 39; ISS, and was included on Christmas dinner.

The astronauts are given a traditional Christmas dinner, including a smoked turkey breast, cranberry sauce, candied jams, and even fruitcake. The meal will arrive with the rest of the load in time for the holidays.

In addition to special food, this provision & # 39; particular shipment includes 36,000 worms and 40 laboratory mice to be used as part of scientific studies on muscle and aging. NASA had to postpone the launch of the cargo mission from day having discovered at the last minute that the food was moldy rodents.

The mouse food was replaced and was launched after that day originally scheduled. The Falcon 9 rocket & # 39; & # 39 by sending SpaceX, successful capsule – containing 5,600 pound & # 39; goods – f & # 39; orbit, but failed to get its booster.

SpaceX successfully renew its Falcon 9 rocket several times in the past, which allows the company to get & # 39; it for future missions. Although the launch itself was & # 39; successful, the booster had a problem with the wound & # 39; landing resulted in spinning. The rokett stabilized at the last minute, in ultimately landing in the ocean where it was recovered intact.

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