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Stampeders have a chance to silenzja critical than last Gray Cup


Edmonton – The first sign of controversy Gray Cup arrived in Friday night, in the heart & # 39; the Spirit of the party & # 39; Edmonton of & # 39; 1100.

As the fans shirts and colorful paraphernalia of their favorite teams & # 39; CFL revealed themselves in the Grand National Drunk couple of Canada, three fairly young ladies took the stage.

Alas, seconds after the Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses were introduced, the crowd responded with & # 39; high speed, forcing the trio issued to stop their goodwill.

Rare – and ugly – shows the Gray Cup without respect.

In celebration of & # 39; everyman each year has always been known for pooling & # 39; people, shocking message was clear: the ABC Edmonton theory has been operating for eons insefħet on the rest of the tournament.

Anyone But Calgary.

People are tired of seeing the Stampeders in the take-off of the CFL. After all, the Red and White are making the fourth & # 39; Gray Cup appearance in & # 39; the last five years.

"I am hoping that some of these supporters will be a blur for us – we are Western team after all", smiled Stampeders Linebacker Alex Singleton, whose teammate praised the ability to host up to room the Eskimos locker.

"But we are ready for the possibility that it will not."

The stage was set for a truly collection & # 39; over 50,000 football fans at Commonwealth Stadium tonight, where the clear crowd favorite will be the underdog Redblacks from Ottawa.

Despite a large contingent of & # 39; Calgarians toting cowboy hat who drove three hours to try to turn around two years & # 39; bad avventimenti of Kulmana Cup for their team, fans from all parts of the country are hoping to win a staggering repetition & # 39; Redblacks on Stampeders two years ago.

Although it is the most dominant players in the CFL in the last decade, the pictures have won just one of the last four & # 39; their league games, losing the last two in & # 39; ways different spectacular.

Both were choked – something as synonymous with Stamps the last 25 years as producing the best championship quarterbacks.

"The biggest thing that I account people m & # 39; you are able to win three Greek Cups this week, you & # 39; winning only one," said Stampeders quarterback and CFL MOP Bo Levi Mitchell – the focal point clear inclination of the nation's 106 title.

"Do not make this bigger game than it is. If I was not on those teams do not try to answer the call for what happened in the past and try to redeem what happened the last two years for other teams did not part. "

Lost in the rhetoric, the Stampeders are on the verge to become the CFL Buffalo Bills is that victory & # 39; Calgary gives its second title in organization & # 39; five years.

However, stamps find themselves facing & # 39; & # 39 great wave; failure & # 39; respect. Mitchell is clearly driven and encouraged it.

"For me there were many non & # 39; respect for all year about who we are as an offense and that you as a player," said Mitchell.

"I heard a lot of guys – (linebacker Argos) Marcus Ball – average call me. I heard (former broadcaster Stampeders and Redblacks quarterback became the broadcaster) Henry Burris call me the media and other quarterback can & # 39; enter into my system and plays better than me.

"They respond to those things in & # 39; a point.

So, will I remove and just keep trying the wrong people. Failure & # 39; & # 39 can respect; remains & # 39; built in & # 39; also blows. "

In sixth career start, the quarterback & # 39; Ottawa Trevor Harris never migrated to Calgary.

However, the man who led the Redblacks a record & # 39; 11-7, issuing record & # 39; CFL six touchdowns in the final of the east, and set the stage for his team as underdogs of & # 39; 4.5 point.

Singleton, who specializes in defending major league at & # 39; Calgary, suggesting that his club is the underdog given that they are not popular this week.

Few buy.

As thousands climbed on Jasper Avenue in the heart of the Gray Cup Festival parade for the Greek Cup on Saturday, the two teams passed their final run, and expressed concerns about the frozen field of rocks in Commonwealth.

Non-desired mild temperatures expected to be & # 39; about 1 C will play a role in & # 39; game always formed from the elements.

Temperatures near -7 C this week did little to deter tens of & # 39; & # 39 thousands; fans to go along and go to downtown for family-friendly festival on Jasper Avenue that also included parts operated by almost every team, including the schooner Atlantic & # 39; Halifax to announce the name of the party Coast East.

The Stampeders Gray Cup committee continued their tradition of serving breakfast b & # 39; & # 39 packs with; nothing all week thousands of & # 39; locals. They also arranged for Tuffy that the horse will follow in the lobby of the Chateau Lacombe – tip of the cap to the Stampeders fans who have put part of the Gray Cup on the map in 1948 when it brought a horse at the Royal Hotel York.

For the first time in three years, the stamps will be supported by Quick Six, the horse of their landing so many famous impose over the line & # 39; access in & # 39; Macahon Stadium after each touchdown. Banned for two years because of safety concerns, he and Chelsea Drake rider will be on standby in the area & # 39; end in Commonwealth Stadium for fans & # 39; praise into a frenzy with & # 39; a large stamps.

In a small road & # 39; a small radio, fans of the Greek Cup went from one part to another Saturday night, which also saw a concert by Canadian legends Kim Mitchell, Trooper and Loverboy.

The star of country music Brett Kissel, from Flat Lake, Ab., Will speak the national anthem played and Alessia Cara will perform throughout the season.

Can hotshot Harris and running back William Powell solve the defense & # 39; Calgary?

Can & # 39; Stampeders receiver Eric Rogers continues his band & # 39; playoff brilliance saw him him three touchdowns in the last week?

Will the Stampeders critical silenzja, and the crowd, by returning to the glory Cup Cup?

The nation will be watched, b & # 39; any way.

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