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Tamera Mowry-Housley Back on & # 39; The Real & # 39; After Thousand Oaks Shooting


26/11/2018 11:34 AM PST


Katherine Schaffstall

"It is obvious that we need a change when it comes to violence & # 39; weapons," said Mowry-Housley syndicate on the show & # 39; discussion daytime.

Tamera Mowry-Housley had emotional return The Real Monday after the death of her niece.

College student Alaina Housley was one of 12 people killed in & # 39; Borderline Bar & Grill in & # 39; Thousand Oaks, Calif month earlier. Mowry-Housley and husband, former correspondent & # 39; Adam Housley Fox News, have taken to social media to seek information on missing were missing before Housley was among the victims.

"I knew to Alaina as was & # 39; 5," continued Mowry-Housley during its return to the talk show. "It was so cute. When Alaina was going to go in & # 39; room, it would change the atmosphere."

"The Housley, we group & # 39; ten, which means whenever we were together, we were together," she said. "I got a lot to jkollkom best mothers, fathers, sister-law, brothers, so are my family with my immediate family. We all niddevjaw and Alaina was a little sister. She was my niece by marriage, but it was my friend and my sister from my heart. "

Mowry-Housley also discussed the need to do something to address the epidemic & # 39; mass shootings in the United States. "It is obvious that we need a change when it comes to violence & # 39; weapons. It ngħidx if I forget on the doors & # 39; the White House to do it. Alaina was very sweet, loving and kind , "she said. "It was also a debate, so she wants me to discuss that, but I believe it starts from within".

"Our country, and it is sad to say this, but you must be living under a rock not to believe these words, our country is sick. It's sick. It is healing", continued. "We need healing from within. We are so divided."

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