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Teen killed in the house of Michael Wekerle remembered as "angel baby"


Tyler Swartz is remembered as a man & # 39; care and sensitivity that has long devoted time to charitable work.

Swartz, 18, was found dead on 27 December from Caledon OPP in the former home Den & # 39; Dragon entrepreneur of the stars and business, Michael Wekerle.

The day of the murder, OPP vehicle blocked the road to the house door, just outside community & # 39; Cheltenham.
The day of the murder, OPP vehicle blocked the road to the house door, just outside community & # 39; Cheltenham. (Karen Martin-Robbins / Metroland)

Jonathan Weir is accused of murder of the first degree in the death of Swartz. Weir, 20, will appear in court next & # 39; Orangeville 21 & # 39; January.

There is a ban on publication imposed by the court on the case.

On 28 December, OPV SUV blocked the road for bated home, just outside Cheltenham community. There was also a television van color on the road from the property.

According to documents obtained by the Caledon Enterprise, Wekerle is listed as the property owner & # 39; 80 hectares on King St., East & # 39; Mississauga Rd., Where Caledon OPP were on the scene.

The property was known for its annual event & # 39; charity concert, Wekfest, which acts like Snoop Dogg and Sloan.

Swartz attended high school at the Academy & # 39; Blyth in campus & # 39; Thornhill, until 2017.

According to his LinkedIn profile, was going to the Sheridan College to become a plumber.

He was also enthusiastic aquarium and hoped to one day open a business aquarium of freshwater.

He had a part-time job in & # 39; Jacob Jak & # 39; s Deli – which koinńčidentament closed during the Christmas holidays.

Since he was 8 years old, he went off once a week for a volunteer to & # 39; brother clearly the largest circle & # 39; Friendship, an organization for children with special needs.

Esther Grossbaum, coordinator of the program, said that in 2017 Swartz received the award longest standing volunteer with City & # 39; Thornhill for his service.

"He was an individual who takes a lot of thought," said Grossbaum. "Angel of & # 39; son."

The circle & # 39; Friendship brings together teens with & # 39; people with special needs or in home visits or program & # 39; hours at the center.

Swartz helped Grartbaum also said that good customers of their special needs. For the last few years worked particularly youth.

"This customer is a major challenge", explained Grossbaum. "(Swartz) did very well."

When Swartz left goes to college, the organization could not find another suitable volunteer for the customer.

The family and friends had a private funeral for adolescents 31 December in the Chapel of Steel.

A man who answered the phone at & # 39; what is thought to be the family home & # 39; Swartz said, "We do not want to comment."

Karen Martin-Robbins is a reporter with the Caledon Enterprise. Do so in & # 39; kmartinro[email protected] and followed it on Twitter @ karenmartinrob6

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