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The BC man who was raped during the prison was awarded $ 175,000 event


BC man who was forced to take a trip & # 39; prison when he was young as a punishment for a crime and was raped by prisoners during the experience will receive $ 175,000 as a result, after the Supreme Court of BC this week.

The decision comes as a result of & # 39; case was brought by the victim, identified in & # 39; court documents B.E.S, which now has 54.

According to court documents, BES was assaulted sexually while he was on prison tour & # 39; Oakalla – penitentiary in & # 39; Wemaby to m & # 39; longer exists – at the end of the seventies, as part what was considered a tour "Scared Straight".

That tour was the result of & # 39; break-and-enter 'to B.E.S committed in & # 39; home, after one of his school friends & # 39; dared him and other two to come in & # 39; home and plunder as they could.

After the first failed attempt to split, B.E.S and his friends went back in the same household with the & # 39; day, where "drank orange juice" and b & # 39; sky success & # 39; great television.

The police was informed by sharing and arrest & # 39; B.E.S. and his friends almost immediately. A police officer took B.E.S. home, where his mother, upset at the news & # 39; her son, "prohibited" by socializing with his friends.

The "Right Worried 'program

B.E.S. had to go to court as a result of his arrest, and it was here that the judge mentioned that there was "straight dread" program for this type of & # 39; crime and asked his parents if they allow them to participate.

B.E.S. said his parents agreed, but admitted he had no idea x & # 39; is the program & # 39; "scare straight".

A few months after his court appearance, B.E.S. they were taken home by officer & # 39; female probation drove to Oakalla.

Upon arrival, entered the main entrance and lit hall. He was told to sit in & # 39; room left during the probation officer spoke with & # 39; guard. This guard then "grabbed him" and mexxih up one or two flights & # 39; stairs, according to court documents.

At the top of the stairs, turned right. The guard who was escorting B.E.S. said another guard, who was sitting at a desk, to leave.

B.E.S. said f & # 39; that point, there were five prisoners standing watch and proceeded to push B.E.S. in a cell with them and locking the door, tell B.E.S. they would show him what prison was like.

The prisoners then proceeded to take turns qerduh – B.E.S to cause "severe pain."

Eventually, the guard opened the door and ġibdetlu outside the cell, then took B.E.S. outside, across the parking lot and & # 39; down some stairs. He opened a door at & # 39; an area where there were four & # 39; or five cells.

The guard pushed B.E.S. f & # 39; one from cells and llokkjatlu for a period of & # 39; time. When the guard eventually leave out, was pushed against a wall and said that nobody ever believes his story. B.E.S and the guard then carried him up a set of & # 39; stairs, where he was met by officer & # 39; his probation and driven home.

The incident was detailed in court documents made public after the decision.

Prison made several tours

Located in Burnaby, Oakalla – called Regional Correctional Center & # 39; Lower Mainland in 1970 – closed on 30 & # 39; June, 1991 and became the site & # 39; & # 39 development; new housing.

Before its closure, however, the prison has carried out numerous youth tours between 1978 and 1981, according to court documents. These tours included with & # 39; young people regularly left alone, locked in & # 39; dark cell, and made to suffer various forms of & # 39; abuse.

In giving its decision, the Court found Jennifer Duncan wrote that B.E.S. was sexually attacked by several prisoners in the prison & # 39; Oakalla because of the actions of & # 39; corrections officer and the Province is responsible in & # 39; various way to the actions of the unknown officer.

B.E.S awarded $ 150,000 in non-pecuniary damages and $ 25,000 for cost of future care.

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