Saturday , December 4 2021

The Canadian astronawtiku David Saint-Jacques disappears in space


Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques is moving toward the International Space Station (ISS) after blasting on Russian Soyuz corner from Kazakhstan this morning.

Click on the video & # 39; above to watch live coverage of the launch of & # 39; Saint-Jacques. The Network & # 39; CBC News is also broadcast interactive special event showing astronawtur Canadian Chris Hadfield.

Saint-Jacques will join Russian Oleg Kononenko and kożmonajt American astronawtiku Anne McClain on the mission, which is planned to last 6 ½ months. They left out as scheduled at 6: 31 a.m. ET. The trio is set to sail to the ISS six hours.

It is the first time a Canadian has been in space since 2013, when Hadfield has gained great popularity around the world by providing glimpses and occasional musical performance in life & # 39; daily board orbitanti laboratory.

David Saint-Jacques, rightfully, that is quarantined, making heart with & # 39; hands his son after the conclusion of & # 39; a press conference on Sunday. (Aubrey Gemignani / by NASA & # 39; AP)

Saint-Jacques – a physician also degree in engineering and astrophysics as well as license & # 39; commercial pilot – initially scheduled to go to the ISS later this month, f & # 39; December 20. However, its launch has been moved after the malfunction & # 39; Soyuz rocket in & # 39; October prompted minutes dramatic landing & # 39; emergency after arrival.

He will spend & # 39; its time to perform experiments in the ISS, operating Canadarm2 (the robotic train built by Canada aboard the ISS) and test new technologies, says the Canadian Space Agency.

It can & # 39; is the last time the Canadian aboard Soyuz launches: NASA is preparing to re & # 39; launch humans to the US soil starting in 2019, b & # 39; two new crew capsule provided by SpaceX and Boeing.

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