Wednesday , May 25 2022

The Canadiens defend major bullet despite loss to Wild


MONTREAL – It was a little less than two hours before the puck dropped & # 39; in the game & # 39; Montreal Canadiens against the Minnesota Wild visitor Marc Bergevin explained why it was f & # 39; such a good mood.

The general manager was asked x & # 39; is most pleased with the team position in the race playoff – by putting one point in the second position of the Eastern Conference after 42 games despite being favorite tag lottery drafted by the most prognostikaturi to start the year. He was asked to explain his satisfaction with regard to & # 39; the angst and disappointment took during the 2017-18 season that saw the Canadiens fizzle to finish his 28 place in the ranking.

Bergevin ran as pleasant to look the star defender Shea Weber back in action having been rejected for nearly a full calendar year, said: "I almost forgot what it had observed that I get him on the ice." And he got off with joy to see that his team competes as difficult as it was the & # 39; now in the face of adversity – return to eliminate deficits on several occasions.

And then, six minutes and change in loss & # 39; 1-0 to the Canadiens suffered Wild, f & # 39; some violence cruel fate, Mikael Granlund showed puck rising & # 39; on the stick of & # 39; Weber, sliced ​​& # 39; his face and left him doubled over in agony Montreal & # 39; s bank.

The man had seven great & # 39; other shifts in the first period and went to the hospital when stopped. The partner left his team like as you & # 39; serious injury, and were stuck without and forward Kenny Agostino, who was sent into the game for a late hit aside in the Wild Wild Eric Fehr.

The Canadiens took 21 photo in the last two periods, tried all they could pass the trap of Minnesota, and ultimately out of them.

But it was not a loss that rely on them. Certainly no one like 4-1 defeat to Nashville this Saturday, when their effort was sub-standard. And later, the coach Claude Julien Canadiens a very positive update on the status of Weber.

"The results are positive," said Julien. "He went and examined to ensure that there was no infringement. [There was none] so he makes the trip [to Detroit] us. "

Julien added that he expects that Weber will play against the Red Wings on Tuesday, but stopped to confirm his presence for the game.

In the great scheme of things, meant that Bergevin could & # 39; depart from Bell Center on Monday night with the same smile that entered the building wearing – even if Kanadini emerged on the edge bad game schedule.

You & # 39; imagine if you are contemplating having more games without Weber could & # 39; his mood changed in & # 39; a point in the middle of the night.

Weber was the force with the Canadiens when he returned from surgery of the knee off the season on 24 November. The team is 11-7 with him in March patrolling their blue line for nearly half of every game, and the routine ends and limited opposition scoring chances & # 39; quality against. The difference has been night and day.

Certainly, the Canadiens had survived in the absence of & # 39; Weber on the initial strength & # 39; their surprising 6-2-2 for the season, but were hurt by his return to & # 39; a great way having gone 5-6-2 just before 24 & # 39; in November.

They hung optimally without which were against Minnesota, but ereguż turnover was from Jeff Petry care costs them & # 39; Granlund, and lacked Weber as pushed to tie the game in the last 13 minutes of third period.

"It was just a mistake, I had used the boards," Petry said about the games in question. "I thought I saw where [partner] Mike [Reilly] and I was put right in the middle and is supposed to have just suck forechecker and have used a little more indirect [pass] instead of trying to make a direct move. "

It was kind of & # 39; error that could have made would have been taking shifts at the same pace that had returned from Weber & # 39; back in the lineup.

Instead, Petry was forced to bring & # 39; which took off in the first two months & # 39; season, and played more than 25 minutes for the first time by 27 & # 39; in November. It was a challenge he said it was more difficult to overcome this night because Kanadini fell five difensemen.

But Petry led b & # 39; six photos and 12 attempts in the game, and he set four & # 39; hits to make up for the lack of & # 39; Weber f & # 39; that department.

"I think we have it all the time, we even had better chances than they did," said Julien. "I thought we had more opportunities & # 39; home. One mistake ends up being what was jiswina the game."

But a scary incident involving their most important skaterer costs them as they will not have & # 39 ;, and this is a massive consolation as run & # 39; forward with their season.

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