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The connection at Campbell & # 39; Edmonton – Rick Campbell expects second Gray Cup victory


Edmonton – The head coach & # 39; Ottawa Redblacks, Rick Campbell, was only & # 39; seven & # 39; years when first acquired taste & # 39; what it was like to win the Gray Cup championship.

The father, Hugh Campbell, led the Edmonton Eskimos for the championship in 1978. That victory was the first of five consecutive wins & # 39; Gray Cup by Eskimos Hugh Campbell.

On Sunday afternoon at Commonwealth Stadium, Rick will try to do something his father never could & # 39; do despite all those wins – to capture the title in the capital & # 39; Alberta inside the stadium Hugh regular seasons and won many battles & # 39; playoff.

"This is a special place for me and most of my growth", said Rick. "It's a big deal for me. I think I'm just trying to keep my emotions in & # 39; monitoring to & # 39; do my best job for the team."

Rick Campbell has been around the CFL in & # 39; various roles & # 39; & # 39 in training, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary before leaving the position of & # 39; leading training in & # 39; Ottawa in the year returned to the league. F & # 39; five seasons as coach & # 39; Ottawa Redblacks, Campbell led the team to three games of the Greek Cup. They won it all against the Stampeders in 2016.

But unlike the previous games & # 39; two leagues Rick coached, this time father will be in the stadium game.

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"Do not come to the last two games I was the head coach in the Greek Cup," Rick said. "They gave me sort my space. So it will be quite grown up. I think my sisters also come."

Despite all connections with the city grew and travels to the memory lane, trying to remain Rick & # 39; terracing and focused as he possibly before entering the biggest game of the season.

"We do not we have the stadium because we are practicing in & # 39; different facility. I think it will be a bigger thing for me when I mirror back after that. I think I'm in the way of work, which I am trying to keep my head and I go on my business. "

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Rick first started playing football at the High School in Harry Ainlay & # 39; Edmonton. It reminds wins provincial title with Titan. Rick had almost every position on the ground.

He was born into a family football championship. His father Hugh won the Cup championship his first as a receiver with ROUGHRIDER of & # 39; Saskatchewan in 1966. Then Hugh coordinated the Eskimos for all to win the Gray Cup.

Rick says that grow in & # 39; Edmonton over 80 years has been incredible thing, mostly because the pro teams were to win a bunch of & # 39; leagues.

"I just remember that the Eskimos and the Oilers got really good. People were unsuccessful ixxukkati when the whole thing," Rick said.

Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press

"This town is pretty special when you think that two pro sports teams fit for that long. I remember just the expectations that were on the roof."

It is a piece of long work to follow the steps of & # 39; father led a team to five consecutive titles, and Rick is the first to admit that at the beginning of his career was the last beautiful name he had when he applied for Jobs.

"I am sure that helped initially," said Rick. "The thing about football but it can not foloqha. No matter who you are as a player or coach if you're not a contributor does not matter who you are."

Some have shown an uncanny parallels between the two – Hugh and Rick described as cool, calm and collected under pressure on the side. But for those who are similar, Rick trying to do his best to make his things.

"I also like to voice my dad, but I just I was trying innifsi. It nipprovax nimulah. I I innifsi. Listening & # 39; which could come as put like but definitely not inside."

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Rick Campbell was always kind of western Canadian & # 39; Guy. It has grown into & # 39; Edmonton, guided in the West during much of his career – admits to knowing little about Ottawa before taking the position of & # 39; training there five years ago.

"I went to Ottawa did not know much about it," Rick said. "I knew when I saw the ownership group going through all the obstacles and make himself well acquire it, I wanted to be a part of it".

Rick lives & # 39; away from TD Place Stadium. It is now a large part of the community. Furthermore, Rick Campbell is trying to create somewhat of & # 39; football dynasty in & # 39; Ottawa. Just like his father did in Hugh & # 39; Edmonton. He'll try to take one step closer to that Sunday in the city where it all started with & # 39; dad looks from the stands.

"I are lucky guy and I do not take nothing from it for granted," Rick said.

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