Thursday , June 30 2022

The developer Stardew Valley shared with the publisher & # 39; five years


Eric Barone, the creative team & # 39; one person after Valle Stardewy, now wearing a second hat: Publisher. Barone, aka ConcernedApe, wrote on the blog of the game news about farming simulation will now serve as a key and publisher developer for the game (in most platforms, anyway).

At 14 & # 39; December Barone will take in & # 39; her hands duties of publication Chucklefish, the company based in U.K. that helped Stardew Valley for consoles. But Chucklefish not completely out of the picture; will still be responsible for versions of Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android game. This leaves a charge Barone Linux versions, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Windows.

Make sounds that breakup is amicable, and ending before forged partnership Stardew Valley& # 39; s initial PC again & # 39; opened all the way back in 2013. Barone acknowledged the amount of & # 39; effort publisher committed to seeing his vision of the project as part of the post.

"When the first rilaxxjt Stardew Valley, Complete overlooked Account for the video game industry, "he wrote." Chucklefish, as my publisher, oversaw distribution, game console ports and translations. They set the official wiki and helped reshape the website, b & # 39; big effect. And of course, Tom Coxon has done an amazing job by expanding the network code to the game, making the multiplayer reality. "

Both Chucklefish for what they did, however, Barone said he really ready to go independently and manage their own affairs. Chucklefish added a comment to the post to like to Barone well as embark on this next phase, noting that still working to bring in multiplayer version Switch – and port & # 39; Stardew Valley for Android users – as soon as possible.

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