Friday , December 3 2021

The DLC of the Future Destiny 2 Pulling The Grinding Even More


Today marks the release of & # 39; recent expansion to Destiny 2, A video game in which players travel through & # 39; space shaders trying to buy enough to please Bobby Kotick. In the past, DestinyThe expansions & # 39; the latter followed a certain pattern familiar. The Armory Black is very different.

Rather than releasing expansions with individual price in Destiny 2The second year, the developer Bungie is selling annual pass & # 39; $ 35 which gives you access to a steady flow of & # 39; quests and other content. Sometimes this will mean new activities and even new raids – one of those live on Friday – but & # 39; you & # 39; will not including & # 39; new stories, the way previous similar campaigns DLC expansions Curse & # 39; Osiris and Fun did. (Granted DestinyThe trust replayable content and lack of & # 39; replica of campaigns & # 39; these campaigns, the move makes a lot of sense, especially considering the cost to make.

Black Armory is the first of three planned updates, and if you're under 600 power (like me, sitting pretty around 535), it will not offer much immediately. The first search that appears will take you to The Black Armory, a new area looking alien of the tower where robot called Ada-1 offers some Snark and then jibgħatkom on a quest to unlock the first Lost Forge, activity & # 39 ; high & # 39; Matchmaking and one of the main selling points in today's update.

The quest to unlock this Forge, and you'll have forgiven my language here sucks royal ass. Is a series of & # 39; & # 39 activities; waste & # 39; time as "15 hive multikills get a weapon Power" and "kill powerful enemies until they leave random objects" that players have already found a way to get as quickly as & # 39; be. (Pro type: such as & # 39; many missions & # 39; & # 39 ridden before, forward, you want to keep the farm guards in the first attack, Leviathan.)

Once you get through & # 39; that step, you will be met & # 39; by Forge of & # 39; 610 minimum power, which even can & # 39; damage enemies if you're anywhere near the level of my light. You & # 39; look around and see x & # 39; it is the other The Armory Black, Only to find that the other quests currently available are also massive mixtures, such as the following:

Surely there will be more interesting quests in the coming weeks: Players have already found a secret that will undoubtedly lead to something cold – but everything available today in The Armory Black is designed for hardcore, a & # 39; high Destiny 2 players not to take in & # 39; minds the treadmill. Bungie increased the rate of & # 39; First Engram for anyone under 550, and make some more good leveling, but still a very long way to 610, the minimum you need to do first Forge. (And the word is the Forge gets harder and harder as you go, and the boss is 630.)

Best not to think The Armory Black a new DLC in the traditional sense. Rather, it is a collection of & # 39; new reasons to keep grinding your way through Vanguard strikes and Gambit matches. If you already have forsaken and you have not surrendered the chest, you find yourself with & # 39; a lot of new things to do. But if you're not already invested, The Armory Black Probably will not bring them back.

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