Friday , December 3 2021

The doctor & # 39; Montreal to develop an app for HIV testing at home


Doctor & # 39; Montreal has created an app that lets people have access to HIV testing from home. But for the time being, can not be used in Quebec.

The application, HIVSmart!, Was developed by the researcher's Health Center & # 39; McGill University Dr. Nikita Pant Pai. She said that one of the challenges is to eliminate HIV stigma, to deter people from being tested.

"We are in the phase & # 39; epidemic & # 39; HIV which can change the tide", she said.

The app encrypts the user's data privacy and tieħuhom through the steps of & # 39; HIV test.

Imitating medical visit, answer questions and even provide diagnosis, then link the person & # 39; the health care provider if necessary.

But to use it, the patient requires a saliva sample kit from & # 39; home testing, which is not legal in Canada.

The Health Minister, Danielle McCann, said he has "jiddiżommjonalizza professions in the health care system" to improve access to first-line services. But she believes it is too early to move & # 39; forward when it comes to self-testing.

The stigma persists

The Sida Center based in amitie & # 39; Montreal works to help people living with HIV or AIDS. Director Hugo says BISSONNET think that the app can & # 39; be helpful.

"We do not have many tools in the box & # 39; our tools", he said.

But is concerned that despite the app to make HIV testing more accessible to some, will not help marginalized people to the center.

He said that many people marginalized m & # 39; have access to phones, and many in Quebec to reading, to reading or enough to understand medical language in the application.

The app is designed to be used with & # 39; of & # 39 kit; swab house and takes about 20 minutes to deliver results. (Simon Nakonechny / CBC)

Dr. Réjean Thomas, founder of Clinique MEDICALE L & # 39; of & # 39 ACTUEL, Montreal, shows people for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in its downtown clinic.

He said between 15 and 20 percent of people living with HIV do not know their status, and at least 25 percent of people with HIV come to a doctor in the last stages because disease been tested early enough.

Thomas enlisted hundreds & # 39; patients to try the app. They took the HIV test at home, based on the saliva in his clinic, were then provided with & # 39; equipped with HIVSmart pills! app to guide them through the process.

He said in smaller towns, people are often less comfortable getting text. After the kit and app for personal use means that people who are in & # 39; high-risk groups can maintain their own testing as required.

"If you live in & # 39; Sherbrooke, or in & # 39; MASPE, [there is] the issue of confidentiality, the issue of stigmatization, you know everyone in the village where you live ", he said.

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