Thursday , August 5 2021

The five Elon Musk Boring company employees fired after month unveiled its first tunnel

A month ago, the company Boring Elon Musk unveiled the first tunnel of its text to the press.

On Friday, the company completed five employees, at least some of them helped build the first underground passage, t Codified again learned.

Spokesman said that the employees were fired for reasons & # 39; performance as part of regular reviews of performance.

"The Boring Company leases for more than a dozen roles, follow a number of & # 39; projects across the country, and is planning to grow by & # 39; significantly in 2019," he says, seems to ensure that Steps are not disrupted for measures & # 39; cost reductions.

The expulsions came on the same day that Tesla, Musk other company, announced layoffs of & # 39; & # 39 thousands; employees in & # 39; a move to reduce costs; The spokesman said that the timing was coincidental.

And a week before, the third company Musk, SpaceX, announced that it was dismissing 10 percent of its workforce – more than 500 employees – a measure similar to that of Tesla.

Musk founded the Company in 2016 in Boring & # 39; what & # 39 heard first – and then admitted it was – a joke. But since then, it has invested more than $ 100 million in the company, which employs more than 80 workers to design and build underground tunnels Musk hopes will create networks & # 39; new transport to ease traffic & # 39; underground.

F & # 39; in December, the company hosted a media event at its first test tunnel, range & # 39; 1.14 miles underground in County & # 39; Los Angeles, whereby journalists were grown in & # 39; tesla. Some described the ride as "bumpy", which Musk attributed to matter & # 39; paving.

The company canceled plans to build a second tunnel in Los Angeles, but said it is pursuing a different one f & # 39; LA, as well as projects in & # 39; Chicago and in & # 39; Washington, DC.

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