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The group & # 39 Rescue says the man who reported the abandoned cats repealed its history


The reserved cats shown in & # 39; Alix, Alta., F & # 39; this photo & # 39; recent breakdown. Fifteen cats and kittens are safe and warm at the animal shelter after finding f & # 39; of plastic storage boxes at the side of & # 39; & # 39 highway in; central Ċiltaġġ. The Saving Grace Animal Society says that the cats were discovered in tubs taped up near the railway tracks between Erskine and Stettler. The boxes have holes & # 39; punched the air in them, but the cats were soaked in urine and their own feces.


ALIX, Alta. – Group & # 39; rescue & # 39; animals says a man who was reported found 15 cats and kittens in & # 39; of plastic storage boxes on the side of & # 39; & # 39 highway; Alberta has recanted his story, and explained that he made the bill because it could & # 39; find anyone to take animals.

The Society & # 39; Crew & # 39; Rescue & # 39; the Animal & # 39; Alberta says that human contact them Friday night and told the feline actually belonged to a family member who could not take care of them. F & # 39; site & # 39; Facebook, the telling group told him that he was using plastic containers to remove the cats "serious concern" for their welfare and child at home, but then could not find anywhere to accept.

"Do not allowed on the side of the road. He told us that he has done everything to bring them into care, and allegedly had contacted several organizations and everyone was full or capacity and did not know x & # 39; most do", the executive director of the society, Deanna Thompson, said in a Saturday interview.

"When I spoke with him, it was really nothing. He took responsibility for, contact the authorities to let them know that he had lied about this and is willing to take any x & # 39; can & # 39; is because of that."

The Saving Grace Animal Society said earlier that the cats were discovered in & # 39; baths taped up near railway lines between Erskine and Stettler. The boxes had punched air holes in them, but the cats were soaked in urine and their own feces.

Saving Grace is jimmaniġġax cats, Thompson said, which is why her group became involved and is now taking care of animals.

Thompson said the man contacted his group after hearing reports & # 39; news about cats.

"He felt with his stomach that he'd made these lies and it went viral," said Thompson.

The speaker of the Alberta SPCA This Kobe said that there is still an investigation into the case. However, Kobe said he did not know whether the police were investigating the apparent false report, said to be in & # 39; hands Society Alberta Animal Rescue Crew to reports this.

"If we find that someone is held liable to cause animals at & # 39; difficulty, then we'll sit payments", said Kobe f & # 39; interview Saturday.

Speaker & # 39; Alberta RCMP said he did not know if the police was investigating the report.

Thompson said her group does not plan to bring the police involved, and said the man acted by despair.

She said that the six adult cats are just sniffly but appear to be OK, while nine & # 39; cats have respiratory infections & # 39; on, said it is common in & # 39; never not nourish.

Most replies to the post of Facebook society seemed sympathetic to the plight of man, b & # 39; one commentator writing that "all is forgiven".

Kobe said it is quite common for someone who is trying to give the animals to be said that the agency be approached simply do not have the room. All rescue organizations are dealing with many cats, he said, and their shelters are all in & # 39; capacity or near capacity.

He informed anyone in & # 39; a similar position to maintain the call until someone can & # 39; help, noting that the SPCA can & # 39; provides information about the call.

He said that euthanasia is always an option, but if the cat is b & # 39; his health, usually x & # 39; & # 39 anywhere can, help her find a new home.

"People m & # 39; should expect to be able to find a home for a cat within a day or two. Can & # 39; take some work, but if they continue to work at it, usually they can find work site & # 39; nowhere can & # 39, take the cat, even if it takes a few weeks or a couple months, "said Kobe.

-Bu Rob Drinkwater in & # 39; Edmonton

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