Friday , August 12 2022

The head of the Russian space agency: We'll address the moon landings of the US


MOSCOW – The head of & # 39; Space agency Roscosmos said Russia proposed Russian mission to the moon will have the task of verifying that the landing of the American moon was real.

"We set this goal to be flown and verify whether they were there or not", said Dmitry Rogozin f & # 39; video posted Saturday on Twitter.

Rogozin was responding to a question about whether NASA actually żbarkatx the moon nearly 50 years ago. He seemed to be joking, as he smirked and shrugged when answered. But conspiracy around the missions of NASA moon are common in Russia.

The Soviet Union abandoned its lunar program at & # 39; mid-seventies after four splettew & # 39; experimental rocket moon.

In 2015, speaker & # 39; before the Investigative Committee of Russia asked for an investigation into NASA moon landing.

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