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Society & # 39; rescue & # 39; animals says a man who reported 15 cats and kittens in & # 39; of plastic storage boxes on the side of & # 39; & # 39 highway; Alberta repealed its history.

The Society & # 39; Crew & # 39; Rescue & # 39; the Animal & # 39; Alberta says f & # 39; & # 39 spot; Facebook that human contact them Friday night and told the cat belonged to a family member who could not take care of them.

The site says that the man used plastic containers to remove the cats from home "serious concern" for the welfare of the animals and children at home, but then could not find anywhere to accept.

The Saving Grace Animal Society earlier said the cats were discovered in & # 39; baths taped up near railway lines between Erskine and Stettler.

The boxes had punched air holes in them, but the cats were soaked in urine and their own feces.

Society & # 39; the Rescue Crew & # 39; the Animal & # 39; Alberta has been taking care of the cats, and tell the office that the man presented himself to the authorities.

"He made multiple attempts to find placement for these cats, but was defeated. Losing hope and nowhere to turn, took drastic measures in an effort to bring attention to the state & # 39; these cats."

"Understanding the logic is hard to understand, but we also understand the lack of & # 39; hope that one feels when in & # 39; a situation where there are animals that need help".

The speaker of the Alberta SPCA This Kobe said that there is still an investigation into the case.

"If we find that someone is held liable to cause animals at & # 39; difficulty, then we'll sit payments", said Kobe f & # 39; interview Saturday.

Kobe said he did not know whether the police were investigating the false report, said to be in & # 39; hands Society Alberta Animal Rescue Crew to reports this.

No one from the Society & # 39; Crew & # 39; Rescue & # 39; the Animal & # 39; Speaker & # 39; Alberta RCMP said he did not know if the police was investigating the report.

Most replies to the post of Facebook society seemed sympathetic to the plight of man, b & # 39; one commentator writing that "all is forgiven".

Kobe said it is quite common for someone who is trying to give the animals to be said that the agency be approached simply do not have the room. All rescue organizations are dealing with many cats, he said, and their shelters are all in & # 39; capacity or near capacity.

Keep calling until someone can & # 39; help you, Kobe said, noting that the SPCA can & # 39; provides information about the call.

He said that euthanasia is always an option, but if the cat is b & # 39; his health, usually x & # 39; & # 39 anywhere can, help her find a new home.

"People m & # 39; should expect to be able to find a home for a cat within a day or two. Can & # 39; take some work, but if they continue to work at it, can usually find a place x & # 39; nowhere can & # 39 ; take the cat, even if it takes a few weeks or a few months ", said Kobe.

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Residents & # 39; Vancouver began to declare themselves "Otter Team 'or' Team Koi" as otter outbreaks & # 39; and eat in expensive carp & # 39; gardens tranquil gardens still evade capture.

The otters did mysterious the other week at the Chinese Garden Dr. Sun Yat-Sen last week and issued seven & # 39; decorative koi, many of whom have been there dozens of & # 39; years.

Parks Director Howard Norman says expert & # 39; relocation & # 39; wildlife began work yesterday and established three new pots containing rainbow trout and mix & # 39; oil, but by morning the critter still on the lam.

He says that the garden staff is discussing options to remove the koi pond to keep them safe, but says it is not as easy as it sounds because they are sensitive fish and it is quite difficult to do.

Meanwhile, the story sparked people in & # 39; Vancouver and beyond, with social media users join & # 39; #TeamOtter or #TeamKoi – although one of the members #TeamKoi points out, "this is wrong for otters, so that removal is in the best interest of & # 39; field. "

The local group Chinatown Today even made a lot of & # 39; button in which the adorable cartoon otter and koi, which are selling for $ 2 each with revenue going to the classical garden.

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No winning ticket was sold for the jackpot & # 39; $ 60 million a week & # 39; Lotto Max evening score.

However, there was also a prize 20 & # 39; & # 39 Maxmillion of; $ 1 million each for grabs and both of them were charged by ticket holders in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

The jackpot for the next Lotto Max draw on the 30 & # 39; & # 39 November will remain; about $ 60 million, but the number of & # 39; & # 39 awards; Maxmillions offered will increase to 35.

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Members of Parliament met Friday night as the Liberal government urged legislation ordering that postal workers working again.

The boost came as Ottawa, as well as smaller towns in & # 39; Ontario and British Columbia, and Sherbrooke, Que., Has become the latest targets & # 39; strikes to turn the Canadian Union of Workers Postal.

MPs spent & # 39; most of the day and evening evening debating a motion to allow the House of Commons to deal with & # 39; rapidly draft & # 39; Law, presented on Thursday, setting up a mail disruptions across the country.

That motion & # 39; passed by fast tracking & # 39; & # 39 vote; 173-13, and having this debate again & # 39; started from the account on the work itself. That debate was expected to continue for several hours before concluding with & # 39; vote on the legislation in & # 39; sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The Senate is then placed Saturday, if necessary, Sunday, to deal with the bill, which shall enter into force in & # 39; noon Eastern time the day & # 39; after royal assent.

Despite the rush to pass the legislation, the Minister of Labor Patty Hajdu urged Canada Post and CUPW to stay at the negotiating table.

"They still can pick agreement & # 39; outside," she said.

That being said, Hajdu added: "Obviously, we prefer that the parties can negotiate an agreement together, but it's time that we should be ready to take action if they can not."

Hajdu referred to delivery by mail as an "essential service" and said that small businesses that rely on the postal service to deliver their goods during the busy Christmas season may fail if the situation is not remedied quickly.

"And when a small say, really small like. I refer to people who, you know, sell marmalade or products made by hand, this is the time most profitable year and if they can not make a profit their f & # 39; this time of year, they may very well be facing the end of their business. "

The labor leaders and members of the New Democratic hitting the government to weaken the collective bargaining process. The government removed all incentives for Canada Post to reach a negotiated agreement now know that the agency ordered the workers to return to work early the next week, they are accused.

"The right to strike is an integral part of the collective bargaining process," said President of the Canadian Labor Congress Hassan Yussuff. "Without this, the employer m & # 39; an incentive to negotiate with & # 39; goodwill, and not workers & # 39; have recourse to demand a fair trial."

The Canada Post seems to have convinced the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Christmas is not no account of the work back, added the president of CUPW, Mike Palecek.

"The post has been moving, and people know it", he said. "People received their mail and online orders. This was the point of tactics & # 39; rotating strike, in order not to fight with the public."

The NDP leader Jagmeet Singh accused the Liberals of & # 39; the hypocrisy, professing to believe in collective bargaining while bringing what he called the legislation & # 39; "Worst, most draconju" back to work.

"They showed their true face … that this government is not a friend & # 39; working people," said Singh.

New Democrat MPs voted against the motion to accelerate the debate on the legislation & # 39; after work, b & # 39; many do elaborate show & # 39; Walking out of the Commons after the vote, and raise their fists in salute to postal workers watching from the public gallery. The votes & # 39; those who left were not counted.

Six New Democrats remained in the room – a small number of representative held the party has a chance to speak during the subsequent rapid debate on the bill.

CUPW keep the draft & # 39; law is unconstitutional and is threatening to challenge in court.

The union won a court challenge against the legislation & # 39; after the work imposed on postal workers in 2011 by the Conservative government & # 39; before. The court ruled in 2016 that the removal of the right of workers to strike, the bill violated their right to freedom of & # 39; association and expression.

Hajdu argued that her account is "b & # 39; differ dramatically" from "strong approach" taken by the government & # 39; Harper and take into account the concerns of both the union and the Post of Canada .

But two independent senators, lank and Diane Frances Griffin, Hajdu wrote to express their concerns that the bill may not be constitutional. The pair said Hajdu government promised to issue analysis detailing how the bill does not violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms but has not yet occurred Friday evening.

The members of CUPW have walkouts to turn for a month, causing b & # 39; massive back & # 39; non-sorted mail and parcels in & # 39; postal locations, although Canada Post and the dispute of the union how big are the pileup.

Canada Post says it could take weeks – even stretched to 2019 – to remove work with & # 39; returned built, especially in & # 39; major hubs & # 39; option in & # 39; Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

The 50,000 member & # 39; CUPW, f & # 39; two groups, are demanding better pay for rural and suburban carriers, more job security and guaranteed minimum hours.

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The Canadian Agency for Food Inspection examined more than 2,000 samples of & # 39; felt fresh and packaged salads but did not find a product containing the bacteria in his quest for the source of & # 39; E.coli outbreak.

Aline Dimitri, deputy officer responsible for the safety of the food agency, said Friday the results do not mean that E. coli has gone from supply of food Canada. They suggest if it is present in & # 39; very low levels, she said.

Three other cases & # 39; E. coli have been confirmed in Jordan Ontario and Quebec, and brought the total number to 22 by mid-October: one in New Brunswick, four & # 39; in Ontario and 17 in Quebec.

Eight patients had a hospital, and one developed type & # 39; kidney failure found mostly in & # 39; patients & # 39; E. coli. The youngest patient is & # 39; five and the oldest 93 years.

Most people who get sick in the majority of outbreaks never seek medical attention as the number of & # 39; cases never known, said Howard Njoo, the deputy head of the deputy public health officer Canada.

He said that the experts who follow the history of food patients found that many patients were made ill kkonsumew Romaż felt in the days leading up to their disease.

The tracking of food history & # 39; persons involved interviews about what they ate and where, Njoo said.

He also said involving the acquisition & # 39; things like loyalty cards grocery stores to help confirm what specifically purchased and when.

The agency is recommending that people in & # 39; those provinces do not eat lettuce and emit Romaż that still have in their refrigerators. Unemployed cease to recall the roman lettuce or let the retailers to bring it from their shelves.

Njoo said the evidence now is the outbreak connection & # 39; a particular product but if that change the Canadian warnings will also. Many retailers have voluntarily roman their shelves meanwhile.

The Centers for Control and Prevention of Disease have produced broad warning on Tuesday, said the US m & # 39; should eat the Romans anywhere in the United States and restaurants must stop jservuha.

She also said that retailers have jiġbduha from their shelves.

There are now 32 confirmed cases of & # 39; E. coli in 11 states and on Friday, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States said that the Romans implicated x & # 39; likely comes from California because models & # 39; growth and harvest.

Canadian companies can make their own assessment on whether to continue to sell the Romans, said Dimitri.

Njoo also said that the most recent illness began on 1 & # 39; November, but delayed reporting meant that the agency did not find about it until this week.

The shelf life of the Romans is & # 39; four & # 39; to five weeks, he said, adding this is why the agency still advises people to cast away lettuce.

This is at least the third outbreak & # 39; E. coli linked & # 39; leafy greens in the United States and Canada in the past two years.

The current outbreak has the same DNA markers such as stress of & # 39; E. coli in & # 39; November and December 2017 connected to & # 39; leafy greens in the United States and Romans felt in Canada.

F & # 39; that outbreak, 42 ​​cases of & # 39; E. coli have been reported in Canada in & # 39; Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. Seventeen people were hospital and one person died.

The cause of the contamination has never been identified in & # 39; that the outbreak although Romanus felt by many patients had eaten prior to going.

Earlier this year, around 200 people in & # 39; 35 US State fell ill b & # 39; E. coli linked & # 39; Romaż lettuce grown in & # 39; Akara but that breed & # 39; E. coli is different from that shown in the outbreak & # 39; this departure.

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The Premier & # 39; Alberta Rachel Notley declare disappointed with the response good & # 39; Ottawa to the province's plan to ease oil barriers by buying more rail cars.

She says that it is simplistic to dismiss the purchase of rail cars by saying that probably would not arrive until expansion & # 39; pipeline was already built.

The oil & # 39; Alberta is currently selling at a discount & # 39; around $ 45 per barrel since oil glut due to lack of & # 39; & # 39 capability; pipes.

Notley proposed that Ottawa invest to manage small market oil on trains in the meantime and as a hedge against future problems shipping.

Notley says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who lived in the day & # 39; Calgary on Thursday, left Alberta with a better idea & # 39; how crucial the issue is than when he arrived.

It also thank the people who say it helped to make her point when closed part of downtown road & # 39; Calgary to rally during the visit & # 39; Trudeau.

Alberta can & # 39; run & # 39; forward purchase of rail cars with or without federal government, said Friday after notice in & # 39; Edmonton.

"The government & # 39; Alberta will do what it needs to do, whether by ourselves or do & # 39; support from Ottawa", she said. "Can & # 39; be reasonable for them to come to the table."

Notley are planning a trip to Ottawa and Toronto the next week for meetings and speeches to try to maintain the oil barrier on the front burner of the federal government.

She said that the price difference between Canada and the United States are rough cost the country's economy $ 80 million a day.

Trudeau said in & # 39; Calgary that the federal government is doing what it can & # 39; to achieve the expansion of the pipeline Trans Mountain built, to triple the carrying oil line capacity tankers on the coast west.

The federal government bought Trans Mountain and project & # 39; its expansion to $ 4.5 billion the last summer only to the Federal Court of Appeal accepts its approval. The court cited inadequate indigenous consultation and failure to consider the impacts on the marine environment.

23 & # 39; November 2018 / 4:13 pm | Story:
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Three of the jewelry store outlets wielded swords to fight four & # 39; when thieves attempt & # 39; theft in & # 39; Messinauga, Ont., said the police.

Const. Danny Marttini said the accident occurred around 12:15 p.m. Wednesday at jewelers of & # 39; & # 39 Ashok when four; male person suspected truck and left one person began to destroy the store windows.

Video & # 39; surveillance released by police in an effort to identify the suspects shows one man jumping inside the store before it by three employees step & # 39; xwajl drawn.

Another Sospettur pulls back to the man outside the store through the broken window as employees end up with swords – one employee fell & # 39; while swinging his sword.

"This could & # 39; & # 39 went wrong in, many ways," said Marttini.

One of the suspects then recognized gun inside the store. The suspects then fled, went into their truck and fled red light, narrowly missing collision with & # 39; two trucks & # 39; transport.

"I do not know how to not kill themselves or anyone else for that matter", said Marttini of suspects, who left empty.

Police believe the three suspects are male and m & # 39; intiex sure about the fourth & # 39 ;. The getaway car is a Dodge Durango & # 39; dark color, she said.

Despite the efforts & # 39; successful employees, Marttini said it is best to leave the fight against crime to the police.

"We jarmonux violence to combat violence", she said. "It is better to save yourself from your property. Your life is more important than jewelry."

At the end of & # 39; July, three masked men in a van made & # 39; other store & # 39; jewelery in & # 39; Messinauga and made at a price of & # 39; $ 100,000.

The store owner, Baldev Manjania, said he thought his wife would be killed during the robbery so he grabbed a sword and ran after the suspects left.

F & # 39; that case, the suspects jumped into their getaway car and left & # 39; away.

"I went out to get my sword because I had to do something to save my family," said Manjania that time.

Marttini said m & # 39; have information suggesting that the two incidents are connected.

23 & # 39; November 2018 / 4:05 pm | Story:
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The senior launched another challenge for the loss of nationality and potential deportation because he would go to & # 39; the Canadian authorities about his membership in the Nazi death squad of the Second World War.

Notice & # 39; Helmut OBERLANDER appeal to even the Federal Court judge recently ruled that Ottawa had acted with & # 39; reasonable way in the case and has limited his ability to appeal.

Lawyers for OBERLANDER, 94, of & # 39; Waterloo, Ont., Refused Friday to discuss the notice & # 39; appeal this week, so the legal underpinning of their actions were not immediately clear.

However, in & # 39; letter to the court, the federal government made it clear that object to the filing. The letter also asks the Federal Court of Appeal registry forward the notice of appeal to the court for review.

The OBERLANDER born in Ukraine, who arrived in Canada in 1954 and became a citizen six years later, kept b & # 39; firmly that it was only 17 when he was forced to bring the performance to join the team of the Nazi death Einsatzkommando 10a, known as Ek 10a. The team was responsible for the killing of & # 39; almost 100,000 people, mainly Jewish.

F & # 39; June 2017, the government revoked c merchant withdrew citizenship fourth & # 39; time since the mid-nineties, and led to his current effort to stop the deportation.

Earlier this month, Judge Michael Phelan of the Federal Court set aside its earlier decision that the government was reasonable to remove citizenship from OBERLANDER. Phelan found that OBERLANDER was wrong rappreżenta activities of war time although there was no evidence it had taken part in & # 39; any atrocities.

"It is not disputed that OBERLANDER has obtained his Canadian citizenship by & # 39; false representation or by knowingly concealing material circumstances by failing to disclose involvement in the SS at the time of its immigration screening", Phelan wrote. "M & # 39; there is no doubt that doing so would result in the rejection of the application of his nationality."

Phelan also refused to "certify serious issue & # 39; general importance 'which allows OBERLANDER to appeal the merits of the decision itself under the immigration law.

The OBERLANDER still can & # 39; inducing the Federal Court of Appeal to hear & # 39; the case for reasons other than the Immigration Act but the superior court usually hear & # 39; only a fraction of cases decided by the Federal Court.

F & # 39; in September, the Minister for Immigration Ahmed Hussen said that Canada has ever m & # 39; to be "a safe haven for war criminals and people who have been charged with & # 39; crimes committed crimes against humanity. "

23 & # 39; November, 2018 / 12:19 pm | Story:
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A trucker said he could & # 39; had close meeting type & # 39; Santa found himself after what appeared to be the reindeer & # 39; Newfoundland Santa Claus on roads covered with snow.

Jason White says that herd & # 39; about a dozen Caribou was founded on the Trans-Canada Highway, small snow fall & # 39; around, near Deer Lake on Thursday morning.

"Usually we see many moose, but this is the first caribou I met & # 39 ;, especially in herds," said Friday morning.

White, delivery driver for Ice Block of Conception Bay South, looked herd video and sent it on its Facebook page so that it can & # 39; showing his children – especially his small child, which is almost years.

From Friday & # 39; Friday, the video was 3,800 times I look around on social media.

White said the place thought that reindeer & # 39; Holy Year may have lost in the west coast & # 39; Newfoundland.

"That was the first thing I thought. I've got three kids and young my young is & # 39; nearly two years, so Christmas is kind & # 39; reborn again & # 39; other. So as rajtt, I said "Oh, my gosh, video & # 39; it," he said.

White said there was no other traffic in & # 39; then, so was able to get close.

He said his son was glad to see the video.

"I had to do it for about 10 times last night when I got home from work."

White said his friend was overwhelmed by the response to the video and says some local parents are making sure to show their children.

"Many people are showing their children and tell them you have to be good because Santa is close … his reindeer here."

23 & # 39; November, 2018 / 9:19 am | Story:
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The Army & # 39; Salvation saying strikes at Canada Post turn resulted in a sharp decline in donations to charity in & # 39; half the critical holiday season.

John McAlister, the charity spokesman, says that generally receive the majority of the donation checks in & # 39; November and f & # 39; in December, but this year the stack & # 39; packages come looking much younger.

McAlister accused postal strike by & # 39; rotation reduction & # 39; 40 percent in the number of & # 39; donations to the program & # 39; s received its direct mail & # 39; now.

The disruption in postal service has been in place by 22 & # 39; in October, when members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers began to organize walkouts to turn to run their contract demands.

The job action caused work with & # 39; back and quantities assembled & # 39; non-sorted mail and parcels in & # 39; postal locations.

McAlister says that the decline in donations put pressure on the 1.7 million people who the charity helps each year.

23 & # 39; November 2018 / 07:05 am | Story:
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Workers jdoqqqu Canada are closing in post & # 39; Ottawa today as the House of Commons legislation affecting take back to work.

The capital, as well as smaller towns in & # 39; Ontario and British Columbia, and Sherbrooke, Que., Are all targeted by rotating strikes by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

States & # 39; Canadian Union & # 39; Postal Workers received walkouts to turn to months, and causing large numbers of & # 39; Delaying & # 39; not sorted mail and parcels in & # 39; postal locations.

On Thursday, the Minister of Patty Hajdu Work submitted draft & # 39; law to prevent disruption of mail across the country but the debate which was held back to give special mediator time to settle the dispute.

Hajdu said the Liberal government submitted the legislation after exhaust every option, and added that a responsibility to Canadians and all businesses driving the economy.

Canada Post says it could take weeks – even stretched to 2019 – to remove work with & # 39; returned built, especially in & # 39; major hubs & # 39; option in & # 39; Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

22 & # 39; November 2018 / 7:20 pm | Story:
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The leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, came his chance at the beginning of & # 39; February to win British Colombia seat in the House of Commons – as inħejja riding on home & # 39; Brampton, Ont.

The Liberal Raj Grewal announced Thursday that resigning as MP for Brampton East to "personal and medical reasons" not specified. Opening Party Mark Holland said the resignation & # 39; Grewal is effective immediately.

The news of & # 39; surprise decreased as the Liberal insiders were confirmed early in the new year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will convene a three-including entries in & # 39; Walkaby South, where Singh has already been appointed to manage – for early February.

Brampton East now can & # 39; be properly added to the roster.

Trudeau can & # 39; also lists one other option in & # 39; BC. for the same date. The six riding, to be vacated in 22 & # 39; January from Montreal Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio, x & # 39; & # 39 is likely to remain; without representation before the general elections scheduled for October this year.

When Singh was chosen for the first time as NDP leader in last fall, said he wants to run federally in & # 39; Brampton East, the riding was represented for six years in the term of & # 39; Ontario and is now represented by Gurratan brother.

He initially intended to wait until the general election to seek Commons seat but was under pressure to enter the House earlier after returning to continue & # 39; to work as a leader. He announced in & # 39; August that he ran in & # 39; Whynaby South where NDP MP Kennedy Stewart announced his intention to resign and run for Mayor & # 39; Vancouver.

Singh has been nominated as the candidate for the NDP in South Burnaby & # 39; mid-September, to be whenever the byelection.

Singh faces a much tougher fight in B.C. riding, where Stewart took only 547 more votes from the Liberal contender in 2015, than in the country & # 39; his Brampton. Indeed, the Liberals are concerned with & # 39; private way Singh can & # 39; lose Byelection of & # 39; Burnaby South, and urged the outgoing NDP chooses him and potentially more attractive leader before the next general election.

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