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The Juicing is good? Pros and cons of the process


There is a good chance that one or more of the resolutions of your new year should get & # 39; concerning health, possibly in the form of & # 39; membership at the gym or vow to drink less. Or maybe, I decided to include juice in routine & # 39; your day.

As the name suggests, it simply refers to the breaking of fruit or vegetable in & # 39; & # 39 form, with the help of drink & # 39; juice machine. Some people follow a "clean juice" of & # 39; types, consuming extract juice from fruits and vegetables as a substitute for their meals.

Since deprivation of food could increase the risk of disturbances in food and a variety of other health problems, it is not recommended by the majority of nutritionists. M & # 39; there is no such thing as "detox" man juice or "clean" because the human body already perform these functions alone.

F & # 39; less extreme version, the Drinking juice is a good way to introduce new fruits and vegetables for a diet. While vitamins may provide an antioxidant boost, make sure that does not depend on the juice as the main source of your nutrients – leading ones such as protein and fat will come from other sources.

It is important to remember that the juice eliminates insoluble fiber. "It is a valuable nutrient that helps in digestion and helps you feel satisfied," said Abbey Sharp, R.D., nutritionist based in & # 39; Toronto.

Another problem with & # 39; low content & # 39; fiber is faster spike in sugar levels in the blood. Studies have shown that high consumption of & # 39; fruit juice is associated with & # 39; increased risk of & # 39; type 2 diabetes.

It can & # 39; worsening in the event & # 39; juice purchased from the store containing added sugar together jr natural sugar from the fruit. "When sticking to & # 39; fresh juices pushed unpacked, you & # 39; & # 39 avoids bunch, added sugar," added Sharp.

On the other hand, vegetable juice can & # 39; provide benefits without the rapid release of glucose in the blood. Combining types such as & # 39; kale, celery, and spinach can & # 39; "Provides a number of & # 39; antioxidants without raising insulin," noted Kyla Williams, a leading nutritionist in the UK. One drawback is the taste, she said, especially if you drink juice with & # 39; high content & # 39; sugar.

It helps to consult a physician before joining the juice, especially if you are certain health conditions, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism. This is because certain nutrients can lead to complications when consumed in & # 39; surplus – high amounts of & # 39; potassium can be & # 39; harmful to patients & # 39; kidney disease, for example.

At the end of the day, the majority of nutritionists agree that the consumption of fruit or vegetables as a whole is usually better than juice. Follow the precautions mentioned above if you want to select a drink.

Do juice "for hydration and drinking of & # 39; large amounts," warned John Sievenpiper, associate professor at the University & # 39; Toronto, Canada. He added that the installation of approximately 150 ml of fruit juice a day, serving as a medium, is reasonable.

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