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The love & # 39; Kim Porter was too much for me to handle


Diddy also spoke about some time earlier this year when Kim helped him a "dark time".

Video screengrab shows Sean & # 39; Diddy & # 39; Combs and former girlfriend Kim Porter just after their twins were born. Picture:

Sean & # 39; Diddy & # 39; Combs says the love & # 39; Kim Porter was "too much" for her to "handle", because he came elelu at his funeral on Saturday.

The MOGUL & # 39; 49 years & # 39; Hip-hop spoke for nearly 18 minutes while his ex-girlfriend funeral this weekend, which came after the death in & # 39; his hand in 15 & # 39; November and praised love late as his "guide" and "his confidante".

In his speech – which The Blast reports not been prepared, and Diddy instead chose to speak from the heart – said: "I take part in the office every day, and worked at the front desk, and I am so excited to get in the elevator. that he would see her .

"She was my first friend. She was my confidence. It was like my guide, still. I had fallen still open … We & # 39; in love and honestly, his love was too much for me. handle, to take.

"I did not really plan for it. I definitely thought it was going to go first. God did not have it that way."

the – I will be nimmisjak hitmaker also spoke about some time earlier this year when Kim helped him a "dark time".

He added: "From the top of the year, I passed a real dark times. I am really depressed. And I do not know why, maybe it was cause grew more. I just passed a dark, dark and she would join and make sure … though we were not together … She was like, 'Come on, Puff. You pick. You get out of bed. You get Move. You wake up. "

Diddy then sent his children – twins Christian, 20 and 11 years & # 39; twins Jessie and D & # 39; Lila, who had with late model, as well as of Justin & # 39; 24 years, that he does & # 39; Misa Hylton Brim, and Chance of & # 39; 12 years, whose mother is Sarah Chapman – being urged to talk to him "about everything".

He said: "I just say to my children – Justin, Christian, Delilah, Jessie, Chance, and the other man of the house, Quincy – the mother entered me this, that promise in front of everyone now, that I will always there is a y & # 39; for. I will always take care of you. Especially for girls, we will undertake in & # 39; a different kind of & # 39; times. I y & # 39; for we can talk about everything , and say everything. "

The Raper closed the night by speaking directly to Kim – who had dated and off for 13 years – and asking his voice never "stop talking" him.

He said: "I want to thank each one of you here today because everything lovers". If you're here, you love it, is you've taken, enough to get you treated. And I just want to tell you "thank you all so much.

"And Kim, we're gonna miss you so much. M & # 39; INIX gonna miss you too because I will not let your voice inside me to stop talking. I know you want to talk with me when you get on those people and I just want I tell you, I will listen & # 39; … Inħobbuk, Kim. Thank you. "

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