Thursday , December 9 2021

The MORNING AFTER: the browser & # 39; Microsoft Chromed out?


Whoa.Tumblr will start blocking adult content at 17 & # 39; December

Tumblr announced that from 17 & # 39; in December, no longer allow adult content. The site, which is owned by the parent company & # 39; Engadget, says that the content includes "photographs, videos or GIFs that show human genitals real life or nipples presenting women and any content – including photos, videos, GIFs and illustrations – sex. "the move comes just after the application & # 39; Tumblr removed from the App Store, allegedly because the pictures & # 39; sexual abuse of children were made on site.

Whether you need power?NVIDIA officially reveals its RTX Titan GPU

As expected, the RTX RT Turing Titan has 72 CUDA cores and 4608, 68 and 4352 respectively, on the RTX 2080 Ti. However, it is not too consumer paper (b & # 39; difference Titan XP of last year), but more in the family of V TITAN GPU compute.

B & # 39; of & # 39 24GB; GDDR6 VRAM and priced & # 39; $ 2,500, the RTX Titan is aimed at the AI ​​researchers, the workstation users and gamers with & # 39; funds pieces. If that does not work, you & # 39; get Titan RTX NVLink Bridge & # 39; $ 80, so joining Titan RTX two cards plus twice the VRAM and 100 GB / s of & # 39; total bandwidth.

The real surprise is that I find that You used Quora.Infringement & # 39; Quora reveals data on more than 100 million users

Quora found violations at 30 & # 39; November and said it is still investigating. She has logged all users and is forcing all accounts b & # 39; password to get & # 39; enter that password. It also stated that the password data has been salted and inħawwġa to prevent attackers from using it, but to be cautious, users should also make the new passwords on other accounts them if share one -istess.

The update of the browser wars.Microsoft is building a replacement for chromium Edge?

Windows Central report that Microsoft & # 39; to start on a new browser based on Chromium, the open source base behind Google Chrome and other browsers like Brave, Amazon Silk and Opera. The project is rumored code for Anaheim. This news comes after a recent post 9to5Google indicating the number of & # 39; code commits to the Chromium project by Microsoft developers. The change to the engine & # 39; processing & # 39; Google can & # 39; help apps built for the desktop using the web technology and accelerate support for new features – if what is left bright.

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Because you still can not find something else to see.& # 39; Friends & # 39; you will be on Netflix & # 39; during 2019 & # 39;

Yesterday can & # 39; have you noticed that friends skatata Netflix had to leave in 2019. However, the company apparently extended the process & # 39; its transmission, and now says that the sitcom will remain & # 39; on his service in the US over the next year.

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