Wednesday , December 8 2021

The mystery of dark matter resolved? Scientists of & # 39; University & # 39; Oxford were answered one of the biggest questions & # 39; universe


Scientists were able to solve the mystery of dark matter and dark energy, one of the most mysterious and disturbing parts of the universe.

And the solution could have been all completely simple: the astrofiżiċisti had forgotten how to add simple minus sign.

The dark matter is perhaps the biggest issue in astrophysics. Our current model suggests that there are vast amounts of & # 39; energy and materials – 95 percent & # 39; the universe – to be there but just missing and we can not see.

We know of two phenomena due to the effects they have on other matter we can see. But do not know anything about them directly, including those that may be physically true.

Scientist of & # 39; University & # 39; Oxford suggested a new theory to bring them together, solution & # 39; question haunted astronomers and astrophysicists for decades & # 39; years.

Dr. FARNE suggests that both dark energy and dark matter are the fluid to "negative mass". This means that actually the reverse of the normal mass: if pushing, is pushed to you.

Implications & # 39; such innovative suggestions are huge, and offer a solution to what can & # 39; is that a large amount of & # 39; missing stuff.

"We now think that both dark matter and dark energy could join in & # 39; liquid possesses type & # 39; ' negative gravity ", to reproduce the other material of & # 39; around," said Dr. FARNE. "Although this question is given to us, suggests that our Kosmos is symmetrical as in & # 39; positive and negative capability."

negative issue previously proposed, since it means that the material is less dense as the universe expands. It can & # 39; contradicts real observations, showing that dark energy does not diminish over time.

However, theory & # 39; Dr. FARNE suggest new dark energy being created all the time. Given the increasingly negative energy is spreading with & # 39; constant way, this fluid insoluble even as the universe expanded & # 39 ;.

That proposed fluid seems to work just as do dark energy.

"The result looks pretty nice: dark energy and dark matter can join in & # 39; one substance, b & # 39; both simply effects be explained by the positive bulk material on surfing & # 39; negative masses ", he said.

The researchers now hope that the theory can & # 39; test using the Great Square & # 39; Kilometer Array, which is being built now and when finished will be the largest telescope in the world. But if true can & # 39; fixes LambdaCDM, our current picture of the universe, and explain x & # 39; it is exactly dark matter and energy was so problematic for our physical.

"There are still many theoretical and computational simulations issues to work with, and LambdaCDM must start & # 39; nearly 30 years, but I'm anxious to see if this new extended version of & # 39; LambdaCDM can bring & # 39 b & # 39; precisely osservatorja other evidence of our Cosmology "he said. "If true, suggests that the missing 95% of Kosmos had aesthetic solution: we nsejjbu in including a simple minus sign."

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