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The name of the Halifax potential CFL team "horse race" between schooners and Storm Sports


HALIFAX – The competition to convene the proposed CFL team & # 39; Halifax appears "horse race" between schooner Atlantic and Atlantic Storm, according businessman trying to issue a franchise largest city & # 39; the Atlantic Canada.

In an interview, Anthony LeBlanc of Marine Football Partnership does not say what the name is part of & # 39; on, though many believe schooner is the odds-on favorite to be announced Friday during an event during holidays in the Greek Cup & # 39; Edmonton.

"I am surprised that it is as close as is", said LeBlanc competition.

The initial list submitted Maritime Football & # 39; four & # 39; possible names a month: The Atlantic Ammirallini, convoys, Storm, and schooner.

People set to the season ticket deposits also had the opportunity to submit the names of their own team, and at least two – Privateers and Destroyers – seemed intriguing, LeBlanc said.

He said Privateers were particular favorite, though in ultimately not used.

"Unfortunately (Privateers) has already been secured by the lacrosse team is coming to town," he said.

The exclusive competition is part of a season ticket card launched two weeks ago

LeBlanc said his group received more than 5,000 deposit today, which for 50 seats put fans on the list & # 39; priority for the the season ticket membership and seat selection based on & # 39; first come first served.

"When you factor in the notion that we did not do any paid marketing today is quite phenomenal number," said LeBlanc. "I met & # 39; with the CFL Board of Governors last week and were very pleased surprised by the results."

LeBlanc said that the details describing a wider campaign & # 39; also announced at the event Friday.

It previously said it is important to achieve "beautiful grounds" holders of season tickets to help fill a proposed stadium & # 39; 24,000-seat, 12,000 and feels is a goal that can & # 39; achieved.

For its part, the Canadian Football League said m & # 39; has a minimum number of & # 39; season tickets you want to see.

The partnership's efforts to download the players earth blocking a major obstacle left last month after the Regional Council & # 39; Halifax ordered the staff of the city to make a business case analysis of the proposal -istadium group. The partners proposed vacant land at Shannon Park on the east side of the harbor & # 39; Halifax as the site & # 39; the stadium, and say that the project & # 39; $ 170 million to $ 190 million will need a & # 39; public money.

LeBlanc said his group met & # 39; last week with & # 39; the chief administrative officer of the municipality, Jacques Dube, and other senior staff to "take concepts and ideas."

He said the goal is to present a package to Dube early or mid-December to enable & # 39; become model analysis & # 39; funding proposed stadium called for raising tax funding.

Under the proposal, the development owners & # 39; Shannon Park to pay property taxes on the property, but that money be set aside by the municipality and returned as a charge against the stadium debt.

Other options are also being considered to help the general account, including an increase to the charge of the hotel market and a new tax for rental cars.

"The bigger issue, and nobody raised away from this, it detects x & # 39; is the level & # 39; risk for each participant and what the acceptable level & # 39; risk is here", LeBlanc said. "Everyone always said the same thing – must see the numbers, then that's what we are working on them".

Public consultation on the site & # 39; the proposed stadium x & # 39; likely also start in & # 39; in January, along with the current owners, the Waterways Company & # 39; Lands.

LeBlanc said that he hoped that the results of the regional municipality analysis are available until early spring.

The announcement of the name of the team in a week & # 39; Edmonton with CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie is scheduled to be simulcast in HFX Sports bar in & # 39; & # 39 in Halifax, 9 p.m. local time.

"I do not think it will be controversial night," said LeBlanc. "Of course everyone has an opinion on x & # 39; is the name of the team will be. Hopefully everyone iħaddanh and simply fun."

Keith Doucette, The Canadian Press

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