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The main consultant of the Canada Science admits that his first year on the job was not exactly what she was like.

"I survived," says Mona Nemer, forward. "It was an exciting year: a lot of things to learn. F & # 39; many ways was bid & # 39; great job because they have a list of & # 39; somebody. It was widely only & # 39 a lot, and you & # 39; define position. "

Its role, say, m & # 39; is to be a lobbyist. It is not there to tell politicians or public servants x & # 39; to think or what decisions to make. Since September 2017, her job was to help them find the scientific evidence they need to make decisions.

But first, Nemer says, she had to clarify how decisions are nothing.

Nemer, 61, is spoken, its precise English accent but a few. Born and brought to Lebanon, he moved to Kansas to university and ended at McGill University in & # 39; Montreal more than three decades ago to complete grade school.

Sitting in the boardroom at the group & # 39; assigned to offices and its staff & # 39; 15, Nemer sticky white coffee mug imprinted with the words: "I am a scientist X & # 39; it's your superpower?"

With a PhD in bio-organic chemistry, has been in the laboratory as a heart specialist gene, isolated genes that contribute to helping certain heart conditions. Her work helped to develop diagnostic tests for heart failure and birth defects She was president & # 39; the Canada research for more than ten years was deputy research chair at the University of Atari 39; Ottawa.

But she never qattqet much time inside government.

"Simply, I thought there was a place that you just weigh and ensure that things are taking place but it is actually much more complex than this", says. "It turned out that in fact the broad mandate & # 39; My and some of the specifics that I charge them proved easier said than done."

The Canada lacked scientific advisor for nearly a decade. The former scientific adviser position existed between 2004 and 2008 but was abolished when Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister. The office & # 39; Nemer had to build from the ground.

Still, Nemer says that it is already seeing evidence of its informal meetings with ministers and deputies and answer questions is at its laboratory tours with government researchers are having an effect.

"Certainly I & # 39; say that I heard", says Nemer.

The Minister of Finance Bill Morneau consulted it about the federal budget of 2018; the paid her government as "science budget", b & # 39; multimillion & # 39; dollars attached over the coming years to fund more research by giving councils, upgrade federal laboratories, restore funding to the Council national Research and increase scientific capacity across the federal government.

Work with Minister & # 39; Environment Catherine McKenna led a committee chaired by the Deputy of & # 39; Nemer and McKenna on environmental science, recently identified in climate science gaps and Canada issued a request for research to timlahom.

Nemer is also installs science advisors in & # 39; specific departments.

The Minister for Science Kirsty Duncan says he is thrilled with the first year & # 39; Nemer but Nemer can not be the only person to assist all government includes science and evidence in his decisions. Duncan says that there will be five or six scientists departmental heads appointed in the coming months, including the environment, fisheries and natural resources departments.

"Dr. Nemer do a tremendous job but one person can not change system", says Duncan. "She needs to have support, she needs to have network & # 39; advice she can & # 39; to go."

Mehrdad Hariri, CEO of the Canadian Center of Political Science at & # 39; Toronto, says he thinks that m & # 39; there is no doubt that Nemer has already had an impact.

"It is sure that the culture of making decisions based on the evidence being supported," he says.

He says that the community & # 39; scientific research has always believes in government channels to share research and bureaucrats are more confident to find and use that research when needed.

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Study suggests that many Canadian cities have yet to assess the threat of climate change even though they are the most exposed to any weather disaster can & # 39; cause.

Survey & # 39; 63 municipalities of all sizes from coast to coast found serious shortcomings in how many are preparing for the following conditions and how they reduce their contribution to the problem.

"Cities are the most vulnerable government for climate change in Canada but have fewer resources to handle the problem, so it is imperative to have a strategy or plan", said Jason Thistlethwaite, professor & # 39; University & # 39; Waterloo and co-author & # 39; document published in the Official Climate Change.

Thistlethwaite and his colleagues measured the plans against 46 indicators including background information, objectives, implementation, evaluation and public participation.

"Almost all plans failed to include an assessment of the vulnerability of the municipality to specific impacts of climate change", says the document.

Seven & # 39; only communities identified specific locations that could be vulnerable. Dozen identify specific local industries in & # 39; risk.

Most cities have not done enough research to be able to write a comprehensive plan.

Scientists are increasingly able to attribute extreme weather events to the climate change influence. And when the flood or fire fires destroy lives and property, is generally in & # 39; city.

"Where are largely people and our property?" Thistlethwaite said. "They are in cities. There concentration out there & # 39; exposure."

Cities caught in & # 39; link, he said. Not only are already strapped for cash to fill potholes and buses run, but their main source & # 39; entry can be in & # 39; conflict with the need to plan for climate change.

"Their income from taxes on the property, so they want to expand the development. When they say that restricting development in & # 39; a certain area, to (create) an incredible pressure to ignore the advice of their staff . "

The survey concluded that Kingston, Ont., Has the best plan & # 39; municipal climate change, Canada.

It was the result of & # 39; effort more than a year and included computer modeling & # 39; x & # 39; can & # 39; is the local climate in 2050. That work found that the number of & # 39; extreme heat days x & # 39; is likely to rise to 30 four & # 39; and the number of & # 39; events & # 39; extreme precipitation for nine doubles & # 39 ;.

"What really carries the point for some people" home, said Paul MacLatchy, environmental director & # 39; Kingston.

"(It's) a little fear. Things are replaced & # 39; remarkable way. The infrastructure we depend on us every day is that much more difficult to stay & # 39; work with & # 39; reliable way."

Failure & # 39; plan for climate change has real consequences, Thistlethwaite said.

"You get & # 39; likely see taxes on property rise as municipalities are forced to collect more money to pay for the damaged infrastructure. You get & # 39; likely to see property values ​​decrease in & # 39 ; areas with high risk applicants. "

MacLatchy said Kingston was able to do the job with the help of & # 39; program by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Thistlethwaite said that cities have more resources need to plan how to withstand waves & # 39; heat, ice storms, wildfire and flooding.

"We want to see much greater leadership from higher levels of government."

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The chairman and team governor & # 39; Oshawa Generals, Rocco Tullio, says the five winners club Memorial Cup did not explore the possibility of changing his name now that General Motors is planning to leave the city.

The genres are mentioned after the giant automation, and GM is the original sponsor when it joined the Ontario Hockey Association in 1937.

Following the earlier announcement this week that GM is switching its plant and shut & # 39; 2,500 workers by the end of 2019 there were calls on social media for the team to change its name.

"We predicted in history here. We have been around for over 80 years. We've had all types & # 39; Bobby Orr," said Tullio.

"… I understand and niddejjajtni closing near the house like that, people are angry, right, and want to see them and get it right, but as an organization, nor be seen in & # 39; at this time."

Tullio – the city & # 39; Windsor, Ont., Raw to the trimmju plants and its transmission close in 2008 and 2010, respectively – called Monday news "disappointing" and said the team, along with the league, is studying ways to reach those affected by layoffs.

"This is not about hockey in & # 39; this stage of the game, is about support & # 39; these families in our community", he said.

Jordan Sanders, 26, – who works on the assembly line of the GM plant, was Saturday game first home & # 39; Oshawa since the news broke three weeks, Peyton, son a & # 39; two, Cohen and her father, Doug.

Sanders, a single mother who has been on maternity leave since October and has worked at the factory for more than five years, supports the idea that if GM leave the city with the hockey team must change its name.

"They do not treat any any respect for workers, because they just did it almost 10 years ago the workers there and I do not want keep some such name in & # 39; Oshawa," said Sanders, referring to the 2009 plant closing GM truck.

The father & # 39; Doug Sanders, who lived 34 years in & # 39; MM, helped her to get a job in the company after former employer for feeder plants in the area.

Doug Sanders, given purchase and withdrew from that plant, was less sure about how to change the team name.

The former representative of the union and councilor of the city – whose son also works at & # 39; Lear, the ballasts plant of General Motors in & # 39; Whitby, Ont., And expects to lose his job – said he could not believe in team & # 39; Oshawa not called Gender.

He noted that the team was "built on the backs" of & # 39; donaw money to auto workers for construction & # 39; Oshawa Civic Auditorium, which opened in 1964.

Oshawa had no team between 1953 and 1962 after its former home, Hambly & # 39; s Arena, burned.

In addition to the top on her jersey, the club has few remaining links & # 39; to GM in 2018. After the General left the auditorium in 2006, the city opened a new downtown arena, called center of General Motors. But those of names rights expired in 2016 and Tullio said that the team m & # 39; longer has a direct affiliation with the giant American cars.

The cardholder seasonal Ron Gallant, 67, who worked at & # 39; GM for nearly 30 years and was also part of the closure of the truck plant in 2009, said to be "strange" if team name change, but understood why they move & # 39; forward.

"I refer to it, because you & # 39 is associated with something that is basically devastated community?," He said.

Andrew Landry, 39, – who entered the game with the title & # 39; flag-toting, son & # 39; seven & # 39; Callum year – hopes that the team can & # 39; embrace "change of focus" rather than a new name, indicating the museum as a potential inspiration.

"We have five Memorial Cups under the name Generations Flag and I can not see that changing", he said.

John Gray, the current city councilor and mayor & # 39; Oshawa between 2003 and 2010, said dropping & # 39; Genera has "response to the knee".

"I think it is small and vindictive – we General, whether (General Motors is) here or not", he said.

The links & # 39; John Snowden with GM run several generations. The fifth & # 39; & # 54 worked at 39; number & # 39; roles for the company, including in production and as an electrician, to return when he was a student in the eighties. Both his brothers also had a job with the automaker, as did his avżun.

The native Oshawa lamented the possible loss of well-paying jobs in his community, but expresses hope that GM operations in the city can be saved and believes that hockey players should remain & # 39; valid in his past as well.

"I think that once General General ever ever. I think we should keep it as general. Keep back to our roots & # 39; which was done."

"M & # 39; I should have changed names, I felt a stickler for the old way of & # 39; things."

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Hugo Hernan Ruiz, systems engineer & # 39; 42 years from Colombia, a degree of & # 39; master in his field and led the IT department & # 39; oil company in & # 39; countrymen.

His French is excellent considering that arrived in Quebec in 2016 with little knowledge of the language. But like many new people with & # 39; higher education in the province, Ruiz tħabt to find work despite being selected as a skilled immigrant from provincial authorities.

Having failed to find work, decided to open the business & # 39; his own advice to take advantage of his contacts & # 39; to the America & # 39; South. He applied for a provincial program to help budding entrepreneurs & # 39; b & # 39; grants, marketing and training.

But it was rejected because the program was for people who were on welfare or who had received Employment & # 39; insurance – and he had neither endorses category.

Can & # 39; will be common, he said, because he tried unsuccessfully to navigate the Quebec bureaucracy.

"I think there needs to be a reflection", Ruiz said over coffee at a strip mall in the suburb & # 39; & # 39 Montreal; Laval, which is settling & # 39; his wife and two children. "X & # 39; happens immigrants trying to thrive and not come here to live off the government?"

As Quebec Premier Francois Legault moves to reduce immigration to say that the new can learn French and get a job, the event & # 39; Ruiz highlights the obstacles and contradictions faced educated immigrants who are neither poor nor rich.

Yann Hairaud, head & # 39; center & # 39; employment based immigrants in & # 39; Montreal, said he knows of cases where skilled workers find enclosed options for them because they are not on welfare.

"Unfortunately yes," he said in & # 39; interview. "These situations can occur. There is inconsistency in & # 39; some of the existing rules to the new ones."

Shortly after Ruiz arrived in Quebec, is registered in a program in French to study what is known as the internet of things – the network & # 39; articles containing electronics and can interact with & # 39; other.

"I thought that instead of taking French courses, take a course & # 39; French in my area, so I would learn both," he said.

He graduated with & # 39; vocational certificate in & # 39; last August – but because the government did not pay for all his training, more closed doors. Paid internship in the public sector caught his eye, but to achieve this had to qualify for provincial wage subsidy.

He was dismissed for the subsidy, he explained, because the government had not paid for his training.

"I brought with me my savings with me (from Colombia) and ħejejejt financially to avoid asking welfare", said Ruiz. "M & # 39; INIX criticize the Department of Labor or the government. But I think the country needs to reflect on whether the system & # 39; encourage immigration to immigrants to thrive."

Dominique Anglade, immigration critic for the Liberals in the province, with about immigrants already heard about going on welfare for jobs on the ground, but it is recognized that those on social assistance have a certain advantage.

Anglade, former minister of economy, said in & # 39; interview that a "high percentage" of & # 39; immigrants fail to complete the necessary training to their skills recognized in Quebec, partly due to high costs involved.

"When you go on welfare, you have a support that can & # 39; indeed help carry finding a job and everything else", she said. It blamed the discrepancy on the government departments that do not work in the & # 39; to.

The spokesman of the Immigration Department Chantal Bouchard, said the integration "is obviously a priority" but referred questions about the barriers facing skilled immigrants to the US Department of Labor.

The spokesman of the US Department of Labor Vincent Breton did not respond directly to questions about whether people who are receiving welfare are at a disadvantage when seeking work.

"As you know, the Department of Labor offers many measures and programs for those who want to integrate into the workforce," said Breton in & # 39; email, adding that each case is examined on its individual merits .

Hairaud, whose organization works with CITIM & # 39; about 1,800 immigrants a year, said the Department of Labor to give priority to certain groups, including those on insurance & # 39; welfare or & # 39; unemployment.

Quebec seeks skilled workers, note, but are not eligible for programs & # 39; government support if deemed to be & # 39; too successful.

"It's contradictory, right unaware x & # 39; is left," said Hairaud.

Despite the difficulties, the employment landscape is improving for immigrants, partly due to the economy by & # 39; robust Quebec. F & # 39; August 2018, the unemployment rate for immigrants between the ages of & # 39; 25 and 54 decreased to 6.1 percent after remaining entangled & # 39; over 10 percent for most of the previous decade.

Ruiz said he is happy in Canada. Both his young children are in school, and to begin a new life here. But he wonders about the value Canada places on the first generation of & # 39; immigrants.

"My experience is looking for work was strange," he said. "X & # 39; it lives for professionals to come here? The first generation of & # 39; immigrants is important for Canada?"

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Canadian politicians past and present offered their condolences Saturday after the death of & # 39; former President & # 39; US George H.W. Bush, with former prime minister Brian Mulroney, said it was "huge losses".

Bush, who served in the Oval Office from 1989 to 1993, died Friday night at his home in Houston at the age of & # 39; 94 – just eight months after the death of & # 39; more than 70 years his wife Barbara Bush.

Mulroney, the ninth & # 39; his years in power coincided with & # 39; four & # 39; Bush, said the last time he saw his friend was late in & # 39; in September, when he was in & # 39; Kennebunkport, Maine, to accept the prize George Bush for Excellence in Public Service.

Bush was not well enough to attend the event, so Mulroney paid to former president visit home before the ceremony.

Bush asked to hear the speech & # 39; acceptance & # 39; Mulroney, and so the former prime minister qarah. The two friends spent time listening to music and talked.

"It was just a delightful experience, and last visit with him after all these years," said Mulroney Saturday at & # 39; interview.

"I think we both know that that was probably the last visit we will have."

Mulroney said that among the joint achievements of the two leaders, two stand out: the signing of the Agreement on the quality of the Canada-U.S Air., Known as the acid-treated in acid, in 1991; and negotiations of the EU & # 39; & # 39 Free Trade; North America & # 39; America, signed in 1994 after the two left the office.

Bush "was a great friend of Canada, and made some important things possible for Canadian history," said Mulroney.

Mulroney said Bush asked him three years ago if they would speak at his funeral, and said that "honor" to do so.

"Have you spent a little time on it. M & # 39; I am ready yet, but I think I know what I want to say," said Mulroney.

The White House announced Saturday funeral & # 39; state for the former president will be held at the National Cathedral & # 39; Washington. President Donald Trump also closed offices Wednesday and designating a national day government & # 39; boredom, which traditionally takes place on the same day as the component of & # 39; Washington state funeral & # 39; the last president.

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also offered his thoughts on the legacy of & # 39; Bush, said the commitment of the President of the U.S. EU to country was clear.

"His exemplary spirit & # 39; service and commitment to the country marks each of his roles – including in Congress, as UN ambassador, as head of & # 39; Central Agency & # 39; Intelligence, and the White House, "said Trudeau written statement.

Canadian Conservatives have also offered their sympathy, by federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer also commends Bush as "a friend to Canada."

"It was really a gentleman of American politics and one of the defenders of freedom and the world more" democracy, said in a statement.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Bush was "conservative leader and family man deeply devoted" to leave an incredible legacy.

Some conservative premiers of Canada also helped their condolences.

"We Canadians will remember the friendship and his generous spirit", with Doug Ford & # 39; Ontario Doug Ford tweeted. "Can & # 39; rests in peace."

Meanwhile, the Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe wrote that Bush was "humble figure, while well respected and served by its many years after the chair".

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The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau use time & # 39; & # 39 contend with; two most controversial leaders of the world – the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – to discuss concerns about issues taking place under their watch.

F & # 39; San Buenos Aires on Saturday, Trudeau told a news conference that he ppressa directly to Putin about actions that led to the Russian capture & # 39; three Ukrainian naval ships near Sevastopol – a message that top Ukrainian officials Trudeau liked to pass.

Trudeau said he told Putin the need to release sailors from Ukraine in jail while meeting & # 39; world leaders on Friday, but there was no opportunity for Putin to respond to the remarks.

"For me, it is obvious that this is an issue that concerns not only the number but Canada & # 39; our NATO allies," said Trudeau Saturday. "We all hope is there will be a de-escalation and release & # 39; those prisoners."

The message & # 39; Trudeau came to Putin crust & # 39; statement Friday by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US, as well as the high representative of the European Union. The Ukraine in the Strait & # 39; Kerch and the surrounding waters.

Trudeau also stated Saturday talk directly with Prince & # 39; Saudi Arabia on the side of & # 39; dinner offered by Argentina held Friday night.

"I took the opportunity to have a conversation directly with the Crown Prince, where we discussed the diplomatic turmoil between Canada and Saudi Arabia", he said.

Trudeau said he attracted the need for better answers about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the continued imprisonment of & # 39; Raif Badawi, as well as the need to stop the immediate fighting and humanitarian aid in Yemen .

The civil war in Yemen constitutes the largest ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in the world today, said Trudeau, adding that subject raised during the G20 summit.

"The situation is bad and one worse," he said.

Trudeau stressed that he continues to believe that the conversations "frank and direct" with leaders are important, and they add that what Canadians expect and do work & # 39; was the world expects of Canada.

Canada and other countries have faced the difficulty of & # 39; how to deal with the presence of Prince & # 39; Saudi Arabia, known by the initials MBS, in the G20 Summit.

The foreign junket trip marked & # 39; higher profile for Prince & # 39; the pole for the assassination of & # 39; Khashoggi.

On Saturday, Trudeau found separately with French President Emmanuel MACRON and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

During the two bilateral sessions, Trudeau discussed the killing of & # 39; October & # 39; Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in & # 39; Istanbul and Canadian sanctions were enacted in & # 39; 17 Arab citizens from murder.

The Minister & # 39; Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland announced Thursday the federal government looked closely at the involvement of & # 39; any person who has been sanctioned and concluded directly involved or complicit in murder.

The sanctions freeze targets Canadian assets and make them inadmissible to Canada.

Earlier this month, the US imposed its own sanctions on Saudi officials for the same reason.

Saudi Arabia is expected to host the G20 summit in 2020.

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The Premier Rachel Notley discuss the case for the imposition of & # 39; cutting oil production in the industry in & # 39; letter to ALBERTANI before a scheduled press conference.

The provincial government says Notley will speak to reporters Sunday evening on the next steps to ensure that ALBERTANI get the best possible value for their energy resources.

The premier also issued opera piece stating that the province must act now to deal with & # 39; boom in the glut of & # 39; failure to mitigate oil & # 39; & # 39 capability; pipes.

Notley says in the letter that there are two competing ideas for short relief & # 39; time – or so the market is explained, risking the loss of & # 39; possible jobs and close a business, or intervene and temporarily restrict oil production.

The premier was asked about production cuts after his speech to the Board of Trade of & # 39; Toronto on Thursday, but did not say whether it was in favor or against the idea.

Its opressiva letter saying that her government's decision will be announced on Sunday.

"While there seems to be a consensus forming among some political leaders, there is no such consent in the industry. F & # 39; this point, no industry consensus is expected," says the letter & # 39; Notley.

"So, Alberta, fall & # 39; on what is best for us, all owners of our oil resources & # 39; 4.3 million. As owners, we have an obligation to get the most value possible. "

The letter says that 35 million barrels worth & # 39; Alberta oil is in storage. B & # 39; & # 39 outcome; this, the price of & # 39; Alberta crude was around $ 10 per barrel, which is a fraction of Notley says & # 39; what other producers in the world are getting. She said that means Alberta will lose $ 80 million a day.

The premier has already said the province will buy as much as 80 locomotives and 7,000 rail tankers – expected to cost hundreds of & # 39; & # 39 million; dollars – to increase the province for excessive oil markets, with first shipments expected in late 2019.

But she says in her letter to rail cars, the new pipe and the ever increasing capacity of the domestic refining not getting help soon enough.

"Għandna bżonn nagħmlu aktar u nagħmluha issa", jikteb Notley. "L-ebda għażla mhija mnaqqsa."

Cenovus Energy ipproponiet l-idea ta 'produzzjoni maqtugħa l-aħħar xahar u l-idea qed tkun appoġġjata minn politikanti ta' l-oppożizzjoni f'Albany, inkluż il-Mexxej tal-Partit Konservattiv Unit Jason Kenney.

Madankollu, Imperial u Husky qalu li l-ġimgħa għadhom opposti għal qtugħ involontarju tal-produzzjoni iżda jappoġġaw l-investimenti ferrovjarji għaliex jistgħu jgħinu biex itejbu l-aċċess għas-suq.

1 ta 'Diċembru 2018 / 3:50 pm | Story:

L-istat tal-gvern ewlieni għall-Liberali federali jgħid li l-MP Raj Grewal huwa barra mill-kawża tal-partit.

Ajax MP Mark Holland jgħid f'tweet li kkonferma s-Sibt filgħodu ma 'l-iSpeaker tal-House of Commons li Grewal "mhuwiex membru tal-kummissjoni Liberali".

L-MP għal Brampton East ħa Facebook nhar il-Ġimgħa biex jgħid li ħallas lura d-djun imdaqqsa tiegħu tal-logħob u issa qiegħed jikkunsidra mill-ġdid id-deċiżjoni mgħaġġla tiegħu biex joħroġ mill-politika.

Huwa ħabbar ix-xahar li għadda li kien qiegħed iżid immedjatament biex jittratta "raġunijiet personali u mediċi."

L-Uffiċċju tal-Prim Ministru wara ddikjara li d-deċiżjoni f'daqqa ta 'Grewal ġiet imqanqla minn problema tal-logħob li wasslitha li ġġarrab djun personali sinifikanti.

Il-Prim Ministru Justin Trudeau qal is-Sibt li tgħallem dwar il-problema ta 'logħob tal-azzard ta' Grewal ftit aktar minn ġimgħa ilu, iżda l-uffiċċju tiegħu ma kellu l-ebda informazzjoni li l-investigazzjoni RCMP kienet marbuta mal-kwistjoni.

Trudeau qalet konferenza tal-aħbarijiet f'Bus Buenos Aires li l-uffiċċju tiegħu kien jaf li l-Mounties kienu qed jeżaminaw ir-rabta ta 'Raj Grewal mal-vjaġġ tal-Prim Ministru lejn l-Indja din is-sena.

Grewal kien stieden lil eżekuttur tal-kostruzzjoni – li kien qiegħed iħallasha għal servizzi legali – għal avvenimenti uffiċjali ma 'Trudeau waqt il-vjaġġ.

Il-PMO kien konxju li l-RCMP kien qed jagħmel mistoqsijiet relatati mal-vjaġġ tal-Indja u li kienet għaddejja investigazzjoni dwar l-etika madwar Grewal, qal Trudeau.

"Ma kellna l-ebda informazzjoni f'dak il-punt ma kien hemm l-ebda konnessjoni ma 'problema tal-logħob li kellna l-ebda informazzjoni dwarha", huwa qal.

"L-Erbgħa ta 'laħħar ġimgħa, kont infurmat bil-problema ta' l-azzard tas-Sur Grewal … Nifhem il-kariga tiegħi saret konxja ta 'dak fi żmien ġurnata jew hekk ta' briefing."

Fil-messaġġ Facebook tiegħu il-ġimgħa, Grewal qal li beda billi frekwentat il-Casino du Lac Leamy f'Gatineau, Que., Kmieni fl-2016, it-tkissir tad-dejn personali fil-miljuni ta 'dollari jilgħab iswed blackjack. Huwa beda jissellef flus mill-familja u l-ħbieb biex ikompli jilgħab.

"Fuq seduta medja, nixtieq infiq bejn 15 u 30 minuta fuq mejda, u jiena rebaħ ħafna flus, li għamel miegħi biex ikomplu jtellgħu jirbaħ, jew tlift ammont sinifikanti ta 'flus, li ħallastni f'deperiment sħiħ ," hu qal.

"Irrid nagħmilha ċara, li kull self individwali magħmul miegħi kien b'ċekk. Kulħadd tħallas lura, u kull self u ħlas lura huwa trasparenti u rintraċċat."

Il-kwistjoni ma kellha x'taqsam xejn ma '"xi ħaġa sinister" ħlief kwistjonijiet ta' dipendenza, żied jgħid, waqt li skuża ruħu lill-familja tiegħu biex ikollu jistrieħlu u jġorr il-piż miegħu.

Grewal said he would take a leave of absence from the Liberal caucus to focus on his mental health, and make a final decision about his political future before Parliament resumes in the new year.

A source with knowledge of events has told The Canadian Press that the RCMP began looking into Grewal's casino gambling based on reports of unusually large financial transactions.

Dec 1, 2018 / 10:25 am | Story:

Canada Post says protesters blocking mail from flowing in and out of one of the country's busiest postal hubs are violating a court order.

The protesters rallying outside of the facility in Mississauga, Ont., are largely members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees acting in solidarity with postal workers who were legislated back to work last week.

The back-to-work legislation was passed on Monday following about five weeks of rotating strikes from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

CUPE says 19 protests are scheduled this weekend at facilities across the country, allowing workers to enter, but not letting mail out of the plants.

The Ontario branch of that union says the protesters have been served with an injunction, but they still plan to protest in solidarity with the postal workers.

The injunctions were granted by courts in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, prohibiting anyone from obstructing or interfering with people or vehicles entering or exiting its facilities.

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No one claimed the $60 million jackpot in Friday night's Lotto Max draw.

However, 11 of the 35 Maxmillions prizes of $1 million each that were up for grabs were won.

The jackpot for the next Lotto Max draw on Dec. 7 will remain at approximately $60 million, but the number of Maxmillions prizes offered will increase to 42.

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A judge had harsh words Friday for a world-renowned Alberta ski resort as she fined it $2.1 million for recklessly cutting down endangered trees.

Lake Louise Ski Resort pleaded guilty last December to taking down a stand of trees, including 38 endangered whitebark pine, along a ski run in 2013.

"There is a cumulative impact on the whitebark pine with potential risk of undermining the survival of the species in the decades to come," said Judge Heather Lamoureux.

Lamoureux noted the trees were cut in a national park, the resort failed to ensure its employees knew the whitebark pine was endangered and the trees that were destroyed were all healthy.

"The Crown has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the actions of (Lake Louise Ski Area) and its employees were reckless given their knowledge of the constraints of operating a commercial ski hill in a national park," she said. "The risk of harm was easily foreseeable."

Lamoureux gave the resort a year to pay what amounts to about $55,000 a tree.

A spokesman for Lake Louise said the resort will probably appeal the fine, which is almost double what it had expected.

Dan Markham said the judge appears to have ignored evidence at the sentencing hearing that suggested cutting down the 38 trees would not have any impact on the overall whitebark pine population in Canada.

"It was clearly presented in court and admitted by the prosecutor that there was zero impact at any level of whitebark pine that were cut," said Markham, director of brand and communications at Lake Louise.

"That kind of information not being included and considered in the judgment is something we have to consider, so at this point in time we're going to be appealing the decision."

He said steps have been taken to ensure no other whitebark pines are cut down. They include better staff education and marking the 7,000 whitebark pines within the resort area.

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Emile Claveau couldn't believe his eyes as he drove to work along a busy highway in Quebec's Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region Wednesday morning.

As he approached a transport truck about 250 kilometres north of Quebec City, he noticed a man perched on the back.

"He was sitting, cross-legged, holding on to a door handle," Claveau said Friday. "I was shocked and I tried to get the truck driver's attention, but there was just too much traffic on the highway, so eventually I called police."

Quebec provincial police got a call at 7:20 a.m. Wednesday reporting someone on the back of a tractor trailer, Sgt. Marie-Josee Ouellet said.

When a patrol car caught up to the truck more than an hour later, the man had climbed down and was in the stopped car of another motorist.

Truck driver Dave Tremblay, who unwittingly provided the man a lift, told radio station 98.5 this week the man was riding on about two feet of truck bed.

He figures the unconventional hitchhiker hopped on at a rest stop and was on the Quebec City-bound truck for well over 100 kilometres before a motorist managed to alert Tremblay on Highway 175 in the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve.

It's unclear where the man wanted to go, but he was clearly determined. Tremblay said there was a snowstorm and the rider was poorly dressed for the elements.

"He was freezing. He was like a little snowman," Tremblay told the station. He wonders how long the man would have been able to hang on if he hadn't stopped when he did.

Police say a 38-year-old man from Alma, Que. was treated for hypothermia and could face a $1,000 fine and be hit with a dozen demerit points for holding on to a moving vehicle.

Claveau has never seen anything like it in Quebec.

"I thought it didn't make any sense," he said. "That's why I tried to stop the truck. It's not something you see every day."

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