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The patient & # 39; 26 years & # 39; face transplant shows new face


Underwood, a & # 39; Yuba City, California, suffered gunshot committing itself afloat in & # 39; June 2016. The extensive damage left him missing the most jaw t & # 39; his down , his nose and all but one tooth, press releases. He also damage the surface of & # 39; and on his palate.

Conventional reconstructive surgery, allegedly tried several times, could only do much.

Then the mother & # 39; Underwood, Beverly Bailey Potter, read a magazine article about Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, professor & # 39; reconstructive plastic surgery and chairman of the plastic surgery department at & # 39; NYU Langone Health.

"We know that he was the only person who can niddevjaw life & # 39; Cameron," she said in a press release from the hospital. "We were willing to travel a long distance."

Since the first face transplant done in France in 2005, more than 40 have been completed worldwide.

NYU Langone Health now completed two of the procedures and should program & # 39; facial transplant appointed, one of only a few in the United States. Rodriguez performed with & # 39; two successful face transplants & # 39; before, first at the University & # 39; Maryland, and led team & # 39; more than 100 medical professionals who dealt with the case of & # 39; Underwood.

The surgery & # 39; transplantation lasted around 25 hours.

Cameron Underwood before transplantation of his face and nearly 11 months after the operation.

The journey of & # 39; Underwood was marked by milestones.

The time between injury & # 39; Underwood and facial transplant was only & # 39; about 18 months, so it is the shorter period between the two f & # 39; publicly reported cases in the United States.

This is significant to help recover physically, his emotional and psychological, Rodriguez said.

The & # 39; Extreme & # 39; face transplant in history gives new life to the fire

"Cameron lived with his injury for ten or more years like most of the other transplant recipients," said Rodriguez in the press release. "As a result, did not deal with many of the long-term psychosocial issues that often lead to issues such as severe depression, abuse & # 39; substances, and potentially conduct & # 39; other damage."

Underwood also experienced one of the shortest times & # 39; waiting for a donor, the hospital said. Once approved for transplantation by NYU Langone and put on the list for organ donation, only wait six months to call early & # 39; January to change his life.

His donor was William Fisher, a resident of & # 39; 23 years & # 39; New York was the producer and the author of the film. Fisher, who registered as an organ donor when he was a teen, gave more than just Underwood. He also gave his heart, kidneys, liver, eyes and other tissues.

William Fisher.

While honoring the wishes of & # 39; her children, the dear mother & # 39; Fisher achieved something back.

"As part of this experience was a source of & # 39; strength for me during a very difficult time", said in the press statement. "I do not think it would still undergoing death & # 39; Will if not for Cameron. Cameron has all his life before him – and I loved the idea that Willie is help her have a better life."

Underwood was released from hospital in & # 39; mid-February, but initially remained & # 39; in New York for rehabilitation, which included the words therapy, and treatment of & # 39; orthodontics. By the end of March, was home in California – but made trips & # 39; monthly back to New York for visits & # 39; up.

He will continue & # 39; on anti-rejection drugs throughout his life, but responds well to today. And is grateful for this second chance at life – and the medical team and the donor who made it possible.

"Hopefully my experience will inspire others with severe facial injuries have hope, because it was inspired by others who preceded me" Underwood said in the press statement. "The journey was not easy, but it was well worth it."

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