Saturday , June 3 2023

The risk of diabetes: Sodas worse for you than other sugars, says study


Consumption & # 39; too many sodas can & # 39; affecting in & # 39; a negative way your health. In fact, it can & # 39; increase your risk of diabetes more than other zokkriż food, according to a new report.

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Researchers from St. Michael's Hospital and the University & # 39; Toronto in Canada recently made a study, published in the British Medical Journal, to determine how different sugary foods affect levels & # 39; blood glucose.

To do this, they examined 155 previous studies on the subject. The evaluations assessed people with diabetes and without diabetes to 12 weeks.

Having analyzed the results, they found many foods naturally containing fructose sugar, such as vegetables, fruits and natural fruit juices, do not affect the levels of & # 39; blood glucose. However, with food & # 39; increased glucose, such as soft drinks, breakfast cereals, baked goods and sweets, have effects & # 39; damage.

The team said the surplus food to increase "low-nutrient" energy to the diet, especially sweet drinks, can & # 39; & # 39 is particularly; damage.

"These findings can help guide recommendations on important sources & # 39; food & # 39; fructose in preventing and managing diabetes", said the main author John Sievenpiper f & # 39; statement. "But the level & # 39; evidence is low and more & # 39; high-quality studies are needed."

Analysts acknowledged some limitations, including small sample sizes, short periods & # 39; limited follow-up and a variety of & # 39; food. However, they pointed out that their research was thorough and careful.

Scientists now hope to continue their investigations and encourage more health care providers "to be aware that the effects of & # 39; damage & # 39; fructose sugar on blood glucose appear to be mediated by energy and food source. "


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