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Get the sunglasses your sunscreen, Corey Hart arrives in town.

The Canadian musical icon, Corey Hart will be in Prosperous Place Saturday 22 & # 39; June for her first major tour since 1986. The Never Yield Tour, Production of Live Nation, starts at & # 39; St. Johns, Newfoundland at 31 & # 39; May 3 will follow the 2019 release of the new record & # 39; Hart Dreaming Time Again.

Tickets for The Never Yield Tour released to the general public Friday, 7 & # 39; & # December at 39: 10 a.m.

Fans can visit the Facebook page & # 39; Corey Hart to exclusive presale details.

Dreaming Time Again, the first set & # 39; & # 39 studio; Hart & # 39; songs in & # 39; more than 20 years was produced by Bob Ezrin legendary and there will be the title track and first official floor will be available in 14 & # 39; January 2019.

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Couple & # 39; Okanagan been working together on work & # 39; love to support the test of time.

Raymond Imbeau, a & # 39; 74, and his partner Barbara KITZ been spread Okanagan together for many years to keep things clean and just the great joy of & # 39; it.

KITZ Imbeau and spend nearly 100 days a year in B.C. country & # 39; seeking out and discarded cans and bottles for many years were giving that money to good causes.

This year they gave $ 700 to Central Okanagan Search and Rescue. In takers years & # 39; before there is heart unit of General Hospital & # 39; Kelowna and Army Disaster Fund & # 39; Salvation.

The pair travels around on ATVs, this year covering almost 2,500 kilometers on their Canam 650 two-up.

They collected 8,000 refundable liquid bottle, juice boxes, water bottles, pop cans, including haul & # 39; & # 39 days; 1250 cans from place south & # 39; Okanagan.

The duo explored the southern BC from Chilcotins west to the Columbia Icefields in the east and south to the US border.

Alanna Kelly

Breeders wine in the Valley are on standby, waiting for the perfect night to harvest grapes for ice wine.

Summerhill Pyramid, the wine wine wine, Michael Alexander says that ice wine is a premium product.

"… It's hard to do, and this is a risk", he said.

Countries such as Germany get only make ice wine once a decade, so it can & # 39; do it every year is uniquely Canadian.

"There really is nobody in the world has that option," said Alexander.

In his opinion, to Canadian inħaneb, you need a little harvest & # 39; wine in the snow under your belt certificate.

The crews & # 39; Summerhill are ready to be called, but the conditions need to be perfect.

"More than leaving it drop, we have more loss, and then the birds come to it", said Alexander.

Temperatures are expected to fall below – 8 C on Tuesday, and ideal for crop ice wines collected -12 C.

"Everyone is on call, and when it happens, get counted crew & # 39; 24 hours. And if that does not happen, then we continue to sleep a few nights unless it is done", he said.

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The radio station & # 39; Kelowna hits the sixties, & # 39; 70s and & # 39; 80s went from start to challenge for the top spot in social partner & # 39; over 45 demographic gain – all in the first year & # 39; existence.

Okanagan Oldies 103.9 has been included for the first time in ratings & # 39; Numeris this fall.

The radio station partner to Castanet, working off the same news, red on the air for the first time on 1 & # 39; November 2017, too late to be included in the ratings & # 39; that year.

Oldies Okanagan was the highest rated commercial station in the range of & # 39; age & # 39; 45, b & # 39; & # 39 share, 16.4 per cent in & # 39; what demographic, after only CBC.

B & # 39; range & # 39; & # 39 weekly; 27,000 listeners and global market share & # 39; 9.8 per cent, the oldies format, with news every hour of the team & # 39; journalists & # 39; Castanet, proved to be a hit.

"I feel really proud of what the team has achieved in the past year" said the director of the program and the owner of issue & # 39; after Ryan Watters.

The owner of Castanet Nick Frost launched the station after having bought the broadcasting license & # 39; The previous station Juice FM.

The Juice closed its doors in last fall, and in the last book of his collected classifications share & # 39; 4.0 audience, the lowest in & # 39; Kelowna. Okanagan Oldies doubled further to 9.8 percent.

"It feels really good to add listeners station 19,000 27.000 up," said Watters. "And we received great feedback on special events like radothon and Mercedes-Benz b & # 39; nothing".

The general manager Chris Kearney is excited about the success.

"We wanted to make great music for people who felt they did not have a radio station to listen", he said. "So we specifically targeted at the demographic of & # 39; 45-plus, and we think we have achieved what we want to do".

The CBC Radio again & # 39; another has the ears of & # 39; most listeners in Okanagan Center, but the huge profits made by channels that appeal to nostalgic audience.

The radio numbers in the Okanagan for fall 2018 were released by Numeris, Thursday.

While each of the nine & # 39; local channels targeting specific demographics, Castanet traditionally look at market share for all 12 plus listeners to give a general picture of the market.

Numbers represent percentage of all used radios finely tuned to each station during the course of & # 39; week.

The CBC, which took a tumble two years ago, again another & # 39; decide the Rost b & # 39; & # 39 share, 16.5 percent of the market. That level fell slightly from a year ago.

But, f & # 39; & # 39 terms, commercial dressing, the increase was not great & # 39; stations changed the music format.

The Beach 103.1, which registered itself late last year, made the biggest gains – went a share & # 39; 3.4 per cent of the market to 13.2 percent.

Okanagan Oldies 103.9, formerly Juice, more than doubled its share from 4.0 percent to 9.8. It's the first time was part of the Okanagan Oldies ratings.

Power 104, station & # 39; The Beach, came in third place in & # 39; 12.3 per cent, followed by New Country 100.7 b & # 39; 9.9 per cent, and Okanagan Oldies 103.9 b & # 39; 9.8.

The rest of the list includes EZ Rock (7.6), K96.3 (6.9), Sun FM (5.8) and AM 1150 (5.0). All four saw their share drop & # 39; a year ago, b & # 39; EZ Rock AM 1150 and take the biggest hits.

It should be noted, Okanagan Oldies owned & # 39; Castanet.

The stations are classified during a & # 39; eight weeks from September to October each year.

A demonstration opposing the move of the federal government to strengthen workers Workplace of Canada Working to pick back to this week work will be carried out in & # 39; Kelowna Saturday at & # 39; coordination with & # 39; people across the country.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers began to translate 22 & # 39; in October, after the contract negotiations failed to reach a new agreement.

The rotating postal attacks have been taking place across the country since then, b & # 39; & # 39 most days, success affect different parts of the Okanagan.

On Monday, the federal government passed legislation ordering postal workers return to work the next day, a move that shattered the union.

The Coordinator of Community Power to Lead, a group that looks to "refresh the Post Canada 'b & # 39; renewable technology, organized a" day & # 39; action "national f & # 39; 25 cities across the country to protesting the federal government legislation.

"We are asking our allies in & # 39; employment, environment, indigenous movements and affected community members to join in & # 39; solidarity with & # 39; postal workers," the organization posted on their website. "We'll Shifting clear message: we support the right of & # 39; I would join everyone for better working conditions, and a better world."

F & # 39; Kelowna, the meeting will be held on Saturday from 9-10 a.m. in the Center & # 39; & # 39 Reconstruction; Parkinson.

"We joined & # 39; many people across the country who want to oppose this violation of our constitutional right to freely bring businesses and finding if necessary", said Scott Lovell Union Transit Merged 1722, which is foreign to strike.

"We are all affected and we want to support postal workers in our communities."

"Enough is enough. When workers want to fight for issues affecting all ourselves, we support and we give up their rights to be violated," said Kelly Hutchinson Government of British Columbia and the Union of Services employees.

BC Transit has launched a new piece of technology in & # 39; Kelowna will respond to the number of & # 39; the transit complaints received – where x is my bus?

On Thursday, BC Transit revealed to NextRide, the location technology of the line in & # 39; real time to allow the transit riders find their bus location of the smart phone or tablet.

NextRide will provide the place and time and estimated arrival at any given stop, and will warn users if there are delays in service for any reason.

It also allows the rider to know approximately when the bus they are riding will reach the stop looking.

"We do our best to keep things under the table, and provide system & # 39; reliable, but we know all things. There is congestion, a road events, and sometimes ix- bus simply can not get to the exact point where it was scheduled, "said BC Transit acting VP Christy Rideout.

"This application will now take all the guesswork out of it because, even if not exactly on schedule, you know exactly when it is expected to arrive at your bus stop."

The technology is also linked to & # 39; board system verbally, and by announcing & # 39; visually each stop along the route.

The transit users can access information in real time via the website of BC Transit. Go to system & # 39; transit NextRide Kelowna and click near the top of the page.

From there, users can plan specific trip, come in & # 39; favorite routes for future reference, find routes and stops based on specific addresses and car search line on any scheduled route.

Kelowna entered into an agreement with & # 39; BC Transit in & # 39; December 2016 as one of a handful of & # 39; communities to use technology.

It was originally expected to be unveiled in early 2018, but was pushed back this week.

B & # 39; this system ongoing, Rideout says that coming to BC Transit is a system that allows people to purchase fares via their mobile devices and, eventually, even using the credit card or debit them on the bus.

Those characteristics can be one and a half away.

It will cost the Kelownians to rent or room or residence through all & # 39; Airbnb and other websites & # 39; short term rentals.

The department of planning of the city community on Monday will present his proposed regulations on accommodations & # 39; short-term lease to are council will include the need for & # 39; business license BUSINESS to rent space and limit how many people can stay in the short-term lease.

It will cost $ 345 per license & # 39; business & # 39; year if the lease is in the principal residence of the operator and $ 750 if not. Meanwhile, the maximum number of & # 39; people can stay – under of zoning bylaws provisions – will be six, and will be able to use no more than two parking spaces. Short term rentals can not be longer than 29 days.

For more information on this story visit Okanagan Edge.

The Update Evening of & # 39; Castanet for Thursday, November 29 at the reporter Wayne Moore.

UPDATE: 3:30 p.m.

The local rickshaw company owner being sued after the crash occurred in the city & # 39; Kelowna f & # 39; this summer past says that he believes that passengers may have been to blame for crash.

In the evening & # 39; August 5, 2018, Andrea Wilson and her partner were involved in & # 39; rickshaw crash while they were in town on part & # 39; bachelorette.

Earlier this week, Wilson filed a civil lawsuit against the operator of the rickshaw, Lex Luzuriaga, Old Kind rickshaw & Marketing and City & # 39; Kelowna, claiming that the driver had tried to trick when -karrettun changed, among other injuries.

Dylan Sagar, owner & # 39; Old rickshaw Kind & Marketing, says that two of his rickshaw other "runners" saw the collision, and said Wilson and her sister were "going around the back."

"The rickshaw went on his side, and is the first ever heard of this, and therefore said that the entire burden had to be in the air and fell to one side in & # 39; blow," said Sagar .

"They were a part of & # 39; bachelorette who tend to get a little rowdy."

Sagar says Luzuriaga offered to carry to the hospital after the collision, but failed.

"The rickshaws do not go fast enough for anyone to really hurt", Sagar said, adding that the company has been operating for five years in & # 39; Halifax and two f & # 39; Kelowna.

In the weeks after the crash, Wilson called Sagar to tell you about the incident, and said he was forced to miss two weeks & # 39; work because of her injury. But Sagar says server in & # 39; landing downtown Kelowna told Wilson and her friends were out drinking the night after the crash.

"When I heard that it was night & # 39; after and partying and dancing, it has the tendency & # 39; once when she called me and told me she missed two weeks (& # 39; work)", said.

Sagar says now presented the case against him, he plans to get a lawyer and find out his next steps.

ORIGINAL: 5 a.m.

A woman is less than impressed with tricks & # 39; & # 39 drivers; Kelowna rickshaw after saying it was injured in & # 39; crash.

Andrea Wilson filed a notice & # 39; civil claim against Old Kind Last of-the Rickshaw & Marketing and City & # 39; Kelowna, claiming to have suffered a concussion and other injuries while fighting rickshaw in 5 & # 39; & # 39 in August, downtown Kelowna.

F & # 39; review Facebook two days after the incident, Wilson revealed that she and her partner have been compiled & # 39; outside the club cactus from downtown Kelowna driver & # 39; rickshaw, while they were in town celebrating the stagette party & # 39; her sister.

"He attempted to turn a trick, but the two small rear wheels caught, and sister and I fell & # 39; on cement," wrote, adding the rickshaw and the driver was on.

She says she hit the head, shoulder and her hip, while her sister back is affected.

Wilson argues that the driver, Lex Luzuriaga, told her that the company had just acquired the cart and had yet to testing it with & # 39; people on board.

In its civil claim, Wilson says suffered concussion and wounds to her neck, back and hips, and has since suffered from chronic pain, pain & # 39; headaches, stress, anxiety and lack of & # 39; sleep. She is looking for damages for pain and suffering and loss of & # 39; enjoyment of life, in addition to lost income and the cost of future care for her injuries.

Besides mentioning the driver and the company in a suit, Wilson says that the city was negligent when it issued a business license to the company "when it knew or should have known that passenger safety is f & # 39 ; risk. "

The online review & # 39; Wilson is one of the few negative reviews of the company on Facebook. The company has an average rating of & # 39; 4.7 five, based on 50 review.

None of the defendants submitted a response to the request of & # 39; Wilson, and allegations have not been proven in court.

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