Sunday , December 5 2021

The survey closed on federal election in & # 39; Leeds and Grenville Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes


The surveys have been closed in the federal byelection to the eastern seat & # 39; Leeds-Grenville Ontario Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes.

The Liberals are looking for signs of & # 39; growth in federal secondary option & # 39; today as they try to advertise a place that was not held by Liberals prior to the federal elections of 2004.

There are five candidates competing for the post, including Michael Barrett to the Conservatives, Liberal Mary Jean McFall, New Democrat Michelle Taylor and Lorraine Rekmans the Green Party.

The conservative Gord Brown was riding between 2004 – when the Liberals issued it, who had the riding since 1988 – and his death earlier this year.

Barrett was elected councilor for the village & # 39; Spencerville and the surrounding area in the municipality of & # 39; Edwardsburgh / Cardinal in 2014.

He said the Liberals broke their promises to provide investment in infrastructure and a balanced budget in 2019, and promised that a Conservative government "bring real investment back to Leeds-Grenville Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes".

McFall is the former chief of staff of the Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay. She ran for the Liberals in riding in the general election of 2015, which decreased by & # 39; rigor with 41 percent of the vote to 47 percent & # 39; Brown, McFall said it would seek to strengthen federal investments in her riding and keep herself & # 39; hand farmers and local producers if she win.

Taylor for the NDP promised to be a representative before the defense for veterans, farmers and owners & # 39; small businesses.

The Green Party candidate, Lorraine Rekmans, has been critical of the native affairs of the party since 2008. She told CBC that while the biggest issue facing her riding is climate change, is also looking for affordable housing, elected.

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