Saturday , December 4 2021

The Thunder Bay Police are investigating a video showing an officer striking a patient


THUNDER BAY, Ont. – The northern police force & # 39; Ontario is investigating a video that appears to show an officer striking a person connected to & # 39; stretcher.

The Thunder Bay police spokesman, Chris Adams, says the department is aware of the video and is investigating, but refused to provide further details.

The clip, which is a shortened version circulating online, appears to show a female officer and paramedical female standing on a person who is attached to & # 39; strip.

The officer and paramedical seem to hold the arms of the person, are free, when the officer appears to strike the person in the face.

The officer can & # 39; & # 39 then heard; voice "That is enough!" before seen covering the mouth of the person.

F & # 39; longer version of the video, which saw The Canadian Press, the official then says: "You do not toħlix me! Q & # 39; have spit on me!"

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